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Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Above, Artist Alumni: Kehinde Wiley, President Barack Obama, 2018

Artwork available: Kon Trubkovich, Dirty Window, 2017

In Loving Memory of
Peter Hort
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Christian Quarles, Ascent, 2021
Samantha Nye, Piss Pool, 2022
Sheida Soleimani, Guardian Angel
Jennifer Packer, The Body Has Memory, 2022


Rema Hort Mann Foundation was founded in 1995 to carry forward the passion and strength of Rema Hort Mann by providing direct support both to cancer patients needing help during treatment to connect to family and loved ones, and emerging artists at a critical juncture in their careers.

To carry out these goals, RMHF offers 3 Grants in New York City and Los Angeles, including unrestricted Emerging Artist Grants and Artist Community Engagement Grants, by nomination only, to promising emerging artists who demonstrate an ability and commitment to making substantial contributions in the arts. 

We also support cancer patients undergoing treatment through Quality of Life Cancer Grants, to help reunite families to provide much-needed comfort during patients’ treatment and recovery process. While undergoing cancer treatment, Rema discovered an entire community of cancer patients going through similar experiences. As a result, she sought to provide comfort and support to those who did not have family to help them through their treatment. The QOL Grant is our way of commemorating Rema’s life and upholding the passions closest to her heart.


Sarah Sze

Above: Mickalene Thomas, Portrait of Mnonja, 2010

To date, RHMF has awarded over 600 Emerging Artist Grants and Artist Community Engagement Grants totaling over $5 million, and over 2,000 Quality of Life Grants to cancer patients totaling over $3 million.

Athena Quispe, Yanapaway, 2018

Since being established, RHMF has helped bring together thousands of cancer patients and their families, and no qualifying patient has ever been denied a grant. Through the generosity of individual donors, artists, galleries, and organizations, such as The Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts, and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, RHMF continues to increase its impact in the arts. 

The Foundation is committed to maintaining diversity in its grant programs in terms of cultural background, geographic distribution, and areas of expertise. Your generous gift to RHMF will transform into grants for artists and cancer patients. The RHMF Board covers the operating costs of the foundation. Every dollar that you give goes directly to RHMF’s grant programs.