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Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Sable Elyse Smith

Sable Elyse Smith Much of my practice is derived from the intersection of cinema, language, particularly the written text, and image making: construction, deconstruction, and

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Anna Glantz

Anna Glantz My paintings reflect an endless search for inventive and surprising images that have the ability to stimulate both sensually and intellectually. Repeated motifs

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Elizabeth Tubergen

Elizabeth Tubergen The triangulated relationship between the artist, the artwork, and the audience is at the foundation of my practice, especially as it manifests spatially.

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Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight In my interdisciplinary work, I create performances, installation and video works that re-think and re-make societal ideas about race, gender, history and the

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Ander Mikalson

Ander Mikalson I create objects and drawings that invite human connection through their use, instruction and affordances. I use the language of scores, contracts, stage

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Sara Stern

Sara Stern I approach my projects as an expanded form of ventriloquism. I make architecture, characters, historical objects, and photographs speak and perform. I work

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