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2016 New York Emerging Artist Grant Nominees

Rema Hort Mann Foundation (RHMF) was created in September 1995 by friends and family of Rema Hort Mann to honor her joyful and vivacious life after her untimely death from stomach cancer at age 30.

RHMF was conceived and created around a kitchen table with the intent to celebrate Rema’s life and sustain her spirit. Through the efforts of friends and supporters, RHMF has evolved into a dynamic and effective organization, acting as an advocate for emerging artists and a bedrock of support for individuals suffering from cancer. 

We award unrestricted grants and community-based grants, by nomination only, to promising emerging artists who demonstrate an ability and commitment to making substantial contributions in the arts. We support cancer patients undergoing treatment by providing grants to help strengthen their emotional and familial support.

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Emerging Artist Grantee exhibit

Rema’s battle with cancer spanned over the course of five years, during which time she was lucky enough to have been surrounded by loving friends and family. Sadly, however, she encountered many less fortunate patients along the way, who had almost no emotional or family support. While she was grateful to have such support, she was heartbroken by those who had to fight alone. No one should have to go through cancer alone, but far too many do  either because they don’t have a support system or their loved ones are far away and don’t have the resources to be present.

The Foundation’s Quality of Life Grants connect patients who are isolated with their families and friends while undergoing treatment for cancer, at a time when they need support the most. Since 1995, these Quality of Life Grants have made a difference in thousands of patients lives. 

“Your gift lifted up my spirits and renewed my strength to continue fighting and overcome fear and hardship. Be assured that what you have done will also be extended to others to the best of my ability.” —Quality of Life Grant Recipient

Rema during treatment with her grandmother

Emerging Artist exhibit

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One of Rema’s core passions was for the emerging artist community. Rema frequented galleries, artist’s studios, and art openings to learn about and relish the unique perspectives on society that were reflected in a new artist’s work. It was then, as a founding member of the Young Collectors Group of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, that Rema deepened her commitment to increasing awareness of new artists and their work.

Today, the Foundation offers Emerging Artist Grants to support creatives at a point in their artistic development where they most need financial assistance to pursue their vision; when they are no longer in school and show promise, but are at a critical juncture in their careers. The grants are awarded annually to emerging artists in both New York City and Los Angeles Metropolitan areas. selected visual artists are chosen in each city and receive an unrestricted grant in recognition of their outstanding work.

The ACE Grant provides financial support to projects that foster dialogue, participation, and cultural exchange. Funding 35-45 artists’ community-based projects annually, these projects take a wide range of project formats, including panel discussions, artist talks, installations and public presentations. As a result, these Grants help promote cultural and traditional sharing, locally and across borders, as well as broadening audiences in the respective community.

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, 2015 

RHMF reflects the nexus of who Rema was in her life: passionate about family, art and community. She was fortunate to have an enormous support system to help sustain her during her struggle against cancer and she never took it for granted. Instead she felt deep concern towards others who faced a similar battle, but without any emotional scaffolding. When it came to art, Rema immersed herslf as a supporter, friend and evangelist for many emerging artists. She saw their struggle to balance creating art with real life financial survival as a worthy cause.

RHMF commemorates Rema’s life and upholds the passions closest to her heart through our three major grant programs, established in both Los Angeles and New York City.

The Foundation raises money to give it away in the form of grants. As we continue to develop our programs and listen to the needs of artists and cancer patients, we need financial support to make these gifts possible.

Your generous gift to RHMF will transform into grants for artists and cancer patients. The RHMF Board covers the operating costs of the foundation. Every dollar that you give goes directly to RHMF’s grant programs.