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Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Guardian Angel Project

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Sheida Soleimani

Rema Hort Mann Foundation selected contemporary artists to create a small drawing or sculptural representation, in their personal style, with a theme of a “Guardian Angel.” The Foundation will turn the image into small sculptural charms, t-shirts or bags to distribute to patients who are in need of support. We want the patients to know that they are not alone, there are guardian angels looking out for them.

This project brings together three important pillars of the Foundation –

(i)  promotes the memory of Rema Hort Mann;

(ii) showcases contemporary artists in a positive way; and,

(iii) further the RHMF’s mission to enhance cancer patients support network, helping  them endure the treatments.  

Paul P

Purdy Eaton

Paul P

The genesis of this project began as, Peter Hort, a Board and founding member of the RHMF, and brother to Rema Hort Mann, was diagnosed with a rare bile duct cancer during the Covid pandemic. Peter had surgery to remove the tumor, and then underwent an aggressive chemotherapy treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

“In the hospital and during the treatments, I’ve seen firsthand the loneliness of suffering through cancer. The pandemic escalated these emotions due to all the hospital restrictions and protocols – only one visitor per day for a small window of time. Up until recently during chemo treatments, you weren’t allowed any visitors. It is in these quiet and isolating moments that I recognize that I am extraordinarily fortunate to have such a supportive network of friends and family.”

Daily I think about my older sister Rema and her battle with cancer. Rema loved angels. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she asked Nicole Eisenman to create a guardian angel for her, which she did. Her husband placed the guardian angel on his arm as a tattoo, and the foundation recently turned it into a mask to protect us from covid.”

Doron Langberg

Claire Tabouret

RHMF knows that more than just surgery and chemotherapy is needed to treat cancer. Patients benefit tremendously from love and support from their family and friends. Recognizing the importance of quality of life in the fight against cancer, the foundation does everything in its poer to enhance a patients social support network by providing much needed comfort during their treatment and recovery process. From flying in relatives to providing funds for childcare so that a loved one can be cared for during treatment. Since its establishment RHMF has raised millions of dollars to help bring together thousands of cancer patients and their families. All donations received will go directly to the Quality of Life Cancer Grants.

Participating artists include: Farley Aguilar, Elliott Arkin, Taylor Baker, Christina BanBan, Ellen Berken bait, Matt Chambers, Mira Dancey, Benjamin Degan, Purdy Eaton, Nicole Eisenman, Ben Feder, Keltie Ferris, Allison Goldstein, Ellen Harvey, Valerie Hegarty, Marc Horowitz, Keith Mayerson, Joel Mesler, Tom Otherness, Paul P, Hunter Potter, Walter Robinson, Tina Schwatrz, Claire Tabouret, Hiejin Yoo