Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Guardian Angel Pins

Peter’s Guardian Angel project began after Peter Hort was diagnosed cancer, during the Covid pandemic. Peter selected contemporary artists to create a small drawing or sculptural representation, with a theme of a “Guardian Angel,” so that patients know that they are not alone, there are guardian angels looking out for them. The Foundation turns the artists image into pendants and pins to distribute to patients and to share with our supporters in honor of Peter.

Original Artwork

Participating artists include: Farley Aguilar, Elliott Arkin, Taylor Baker, Christina BanBan, Ellen Berken bait, Matt Chambers, Mira Dancey, Benjamin Degan, Purdy Eaton, Nicole Eisenman, Ben Feder, Keltie Ferris, Allison Goldstein, Ellen Harvey, Valerie Hegarty, Marc Horowitz, Keith Mayerson, Joel Mesler, Tom Otterness, Paul P, Hunter Potter, Walter Robinson, Tina Schwatrz, Claire Tabouret, Hiejin Yoo