Travis Fairclough

With a fist full of mud, I squeeze until my vision disappears. In the dark I fall to my knees, scraping my palms on the ridges of stone. I am a giant, uprooting the forest, and shedding my flesh as I panic to find my way.

I open my eyes and am standing. Standing where my home once was, where my Mother’s smile still lives, where my father’s lungs moved in and out, where my baby sister’s hands held mine.

I pick up a branch, hollow from the fire illuminating the white of spider’s webs. I put the end to my lips and blow a gentle breeze. Every leaf turns over to show silhouettes that holding traces of other leaf’s silhouettes stretching out into the darkness infinitely.

What does it mean to be together? You/me, figure/ ground, post/pre- , local/global, interior/exterior, thought/action, natural/industrial, mechanized/static, interior/exterior, thought/action, institutional/domestic, seen/hidden, culture/subculture, masculine/feminine, object/picture, presentation/representation, illusion/material, supporting/supported, bound/open, alive/dead, imprisoned/free

The binary nature of platonic rationalism is the passage to the fountain of life. an-other must undergo loss for the ecstasy of Another. In the gaps between cubed conventions there is agency. A creative witch who sings a steady hum, powerful enough to destroy all borders and divisions with the gaze of one eye. She wonders “what is your point of View?”

The fountain runs dry as nature’s antiquity walks away towards the sun. While we fight to wet our mouths, we ignore the fire below. A crimson magma pupil with no beginning but an end, knows this machine well.

In a place with no body, I feel the others inside mine. Water pulled by the currents of the moon, iron in my veins as the core of the earth, the relics of gestures left by the hands of empire and institution.

I’m looking for acceptance. I want to be gentle. I want to be here while dreaming. I want my dreams to be awake. I want to rest while standing. I accept the disappearance of everything and see potential in confusion, the space left opened, unbound.