Tommy Kha

Through the framework of self-portraiture, appropriation, and performance, I explore the intersection of sexuality, race, and the American South. Using my body as a site of conflicting narratives.

Being a Queer, Asian Southerner, my work simultaneously occupies and shifts between comedy and tragedy, familiarity and foreignness, performer and camera operator.

My current bodies of works focus on otherness and its representation in media, relying on the aesthetics of copying, impersonation, and the inherent nature of the camera: to photograph.

These aesthetic preoccupations began to emerge in the work I made during August trips home to Memphis, as I found myself repeatedly drawn to the Elvis Presley Tribute Artists (“Elvis Impersonators”) who converge on the anniversary of his death during Dead Elvis Week.

I also create cardboard cutouts of my body and 3-D printed masks of my face, and photograph them in a documentary-style approach in the real world. These are fabricated from self-portraits—the resulting photographs are essentially “pictures of pictures.” This process transforms my photographic body, and its photographic representation into images that look like low-fi collages, or bad Photoshop jobs—echoing everyday experiences of not belonging. As these pictures move across different genres, as a still life and portrait, or a landscape and a document, I attempt to locate and define my position of power in my process.

Recently, I have started to use antiquated technologies such as Photobooths and Xerox machines to subvert and play with the idea of editions and unique photographs, while referencing the cinematic filmstrips and the movie sequence. As the role of film expands through my video work and into my photography, I’ve begun to cast other Queer Asian men to act and impersonate me.

Though these projects may appear disparate, themes of likeness and otherness are at the forefront of my picture making. Each of them bridged together through performance gestures, things already inherent to the self and image.

Eventually, as I shed my form, I adopt a new guise in the form of Elvis, coming full circle.



2013                            MFA Photography, Yale University

2011                            BFA in Photography   , Memphis College of Art

                                    SOLO EXHIBITIONS

2019                            (Forthcoming NYC debut, May) Baxter Street at Camera Club of New York, New York, NY

2018                            (Forthcoming, October) I’m Only Here to Leave, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

                                    TWO-PERSON EXHIBITIONS

2018                            Summer, Some Aren’t, with Jack Pierson. Teen Party, Brooklyn, NY

2010                            Wanted to be a… with Park Deok Sun – curated by Darja Lin. Yongkang Lu Art, Shanghai, China


2018                            (Forthcoming, October) Southbound: Photographs of and About the New South – Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC

                                    (Forthcoming, September) New Southern Photography – curated by Richard McCabe. Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA

                                    (Forthcoming, August) Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Antwerp, Belgium.

                                    Love in the time of… – The Gallery at The Armory Show, New York, NY [One-hour show, part of artist Wang Xin’s installation of rotating artists]

                                    Today was a good day – Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York, NY

                                    Queering Space – Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY

2017                            Vice Magazine Photography Issue – White Box, New York, NY

                                    Discursive Selves – Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY

                                    Bound by Paper – LMAK Gallery, New York, NY

2016                            Art After Trump – Housing Works, New York NY

                                    High Summer – Foley Gallery, New York, NY

                                    Mossless 4: Public/Private/Portrait – Deli Gallery, Queens, NY

2015                            Video Snack 5 – Fourth Wall at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2014                            Baby, I Love You! Forms and Formulas of Love – Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany

Race, Love, and Labor – curated by Sarah Lewis. Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, NY

I never asked to be a role model – Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto, Canada

2013                            Shannon/All Pictures By – Aperture Gallery, New York, NY. Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL. Green Gallery, New Haven, CT

2012                            Small Works – curated by Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu. Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA


2018                            Magenta Foundation Flash Forward

2011                            Jessie and Dolph Smith Emeritus Award

                                    Best Film, Training Wheels, Boston Bike Film Festival

Golden Helmet Award, Training Wheels, Filmed by Bike Festival

2010                            Best Hometown Short, Training Wheels, Indie Memphis



2018                            Baxter Street at Camera Club of New York Workspace Residency, New York, NY

2017                            Fountainhead Residency, Miami, FL

2016                            En Foco Photography Fellowship

2015                            Light Work, Syracuse, NY

2012                            Nominated for Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship

2011                            Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY


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                                    WORK EXPERIENCE

2016-2018                   Part-time Lecturer, Introduction to Photography – Rutgers University, Newark, NJ