Artist Statement
My expressionistic painting and drawing practice employs a Dionysian embrace of chaos and the irrational. Deriving from the subconscious, imagery is often characterized by grotesque attributes such as doubleness, hybridity and metamorphosis.

I regard the desire to make images as primordial, a form of conjuring or exorcising of vision. In this sense image making is analogous with forms of magik or alchemy.

Despite never having had a belief system, I’ve always been drawn to symbolism, iconography and mythology in visual art. Stemming from an interest in ancient civilizations, my ongoing drawing and painting series is called Mesopotamia, considered one of the ‘cradles of civilization’. I’m interested in how iconography originates and the role it plays in people’s understanding of the world. The title Mesopotamia is a loose banner under which I paint and draw what I want and develop my own iconography and meaning.
Apophenia is the human tendency to perceive connection or meaningful patterns within random data and it informs my approach to image making. Works are begun without predetermined ideas. The imagery evolves through a combination of gestural and intuitive mark-making and my ‘reading’ of these patterns and the subsequent content it inspires which is worked back into it.
Although the works defy a literal interpretation, there are patterns and symbols that reoccur throughout. I consider my image making ritual a form of atheist revelry in which the lack of purpose for the work contributes to my investment of meaning and pleasure in the process.