Sylvia Hardy

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Artist Statement

For me, photography is a site for contemplating interconnectivity. Interconnections between culture, history, advertisement, the vernacular…

Because photography is becoming ever more fluid- it moves lightly on the Internet easily distorting into hybrids of the real and the imagined- my work focuses on the weight of photography.

For example, to me “land” as a photographic subject is both heavy in weight and concept- territories, ownership, homes, construction, and resources. “History” as concept is heavy in weight from revisions and repatriations.

The images you see here derive from various sources, some I captured traveling through the states of Missouri, New Mexico, and Kansas, some are images found in archives such as the digitized Library of Congress, some are viral images with sources far removed. I am using these disparate images in time and space to create my own history with a fulcrum in the Midwest, multiracial underpinnings and international gestures.

Using the digital dye-sublimation method on smartphone-sized aluminum plates- viral images and copies of unique daguerreotypes become a new static physical form. Removed from social media and confined archives, the images are now treated equally allowing a contemporary relationship to the image/object to unfold. The images printed on mesh allow for an undulating and variable positioning. Textures and layers slip through.

The sculptural element of my work is a result of my obsession with resources. Computer scrap gold is bought off eBay because it represents geological metals that have been mined, shifted, and deposited throughout the globe. Or a “sticking tommy” candleholder, used in the late 1800s by coal mines, becomes a makeshift holder for an aluminum photograph. These materials and images do shape-shift in our society, and rightfully so, but I hope if I hold them fixed for one moment in physical proximity to myself it will become a version or a revision of my own truth. The land as I have seen it. History as I see it playing out.



2012 MFA, Parsons The New School
2007 BFA and Anthropology Major, Washington University in St. Louis.


2015 Born from a Golden Spoon, FXFOWLE Gallery, New York City, NY.


Queens International 2016, Curated by Lindsey Berfond and Hitomi Iwasaki, Queens Museum, Queens, NY.
High Summer, Foley Gallery, New York, NY
Light-Soluble Mediums, Curated by Ada Smailbegović, The Picture Show, Brooklyn, NY
2014, a LIVE stream exhibition from Japan, Curated by Kiyoto Koseki and Yu Araki.
8 Ball Zine Booth, NY Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, Long Island City, NY>
Photo Requests from Solitary, NY, NY
Each Evening We See The Sunset, Curated by Micola Brambilla and Alessandro Teoldi, Spazio Morris, Milan, Italy
The West in South Harbor (Westen I Sydhavnen), Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark
Page 179, Artforum, September 2013, Brennan & Griffin, New York, NY
The View from Nowhere, Conveyor Arts, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY
Gutai Card Box, contributing participant, Solomon R. Guggenheim, New York, NY
Hit It, Scrapped Magazine Launch, Red Roots Gallery, New York, NY
Twenty-One Cousins, Parsons MFA Thesis Exhibition, Aronson Gallery, New York, NY
Chi Le Ma?, Frontrunner Gallery, New York, NY
Charterparty, Curated by Jim Ramer, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY
Millenium Magazines, Organized by Rachael Morrison and David Senior, MOMA Library, New York, NY
Parts and Labor, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
Ping Yao International Photography Festival, Ping Yao, China
The Culture of NOW, Aperture Foundation, New York, NY
29th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston Center for Photograhy, Houston, TX
Almost Down, Curated by Kiyoto Koseki and Yu Araki, Gallery Tayuta, Tokyo, Japan
Undressing the World, 25CPW, New York, NY
The First Forty Years, Obelisk, Springfield, MO
Emerging Artist Auction, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York, NY
Unusual Happiness, Conveyor Arts, Hoboken, NJ


2015 Emerging Artist Grant Nominee, Rema Hort Mann Foundation.
2013 Travel Grant, Danish Arts Council.
2012 Departmental Scholarship, Parsons Photography Department, Portfolio.
2011 Departmental Scholarship, Parsons Photography Department, Portfolio.
2007 Hoopes Research Fellowship Grant, Washington University in St. Louis


Roundtable Discussion, Born from a Golden Spoon, FXFOWLE Architecture Firm, New York, NY
Public Program, The Experiment Was This, Triple Canopy, Brooklyn, NY
Panel Discussion, Westen I Sydhavnen, Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Artist Talk, Time, Earth Art, Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY
Artist Talk, Lay of the Land, Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY
Artist Talk, Art Department, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York


Triple Canopy, Of the Dense and Rare,
Scrapped Magazine, Hit It, Vol. 1., New York, NY
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice, Online Resource
Conveyor Magazine, No. 1, Curiosities, Jersey City, NJ
Ground Magazine #10, SITE=SIGHT, Breda, Netherlands
Washington University Research Journal, Between Domestication and Wildness: The American Bison, St. Louis, MO.
Focus Anthro, Online Journal, Kenyon College, OH


“Katie Paterson: White Light in Dark Matter,” Field Notes, Conveyor, No. 4
“Florian Maier-Aichen: Imperfection Shatters the Mirror,” Field Notes, Conveyor, No. 3
“Adam Ryder, Areth: An Architectural Atlas,” Field Notes, Conveyor, No. 2
“Alexandra Lethbridge: Ley Lines,” in conversation with Dr. Michael Frachetti, Conveyor Magazine Blog


Driveway, an exhibition organized by Alessandro Teoldi, Alina Enggist and Sylvia Hardy, Brooklyn, NY
Low Res: Photography and Its’ Expanded Forms, A panel discussion, The New School, New York, NY
Participants included Jeanine Oleson, Amin Husain & Nitasha Dhillon, and Hannah Whitaker (Co-Organizer with Chelsey Morell and Leif Huron)
Chi Le Ma?, Exhibition and Slideshow Potluck, Frontrunner Gallery, New York, NY (Curator with Charlie Rubin for an exhibition of collaborative work made in Ping Yao, China).
Parts and Labor, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA.
{Sub}Contracted, artist presentations by Julia Staples, Sharon Koelblinger and Amy Harbilas (Head Organizer of collaborative exhibition and artist presentations between Tyler School of Art and Parsons Photography Department).
SITE=SIGHT, a collaborative workshop between Kunstacademie St. Joost and Parsons The New School, 13th Street Gallery, New York, NY.


Instructor, Art and Design History & Theory, The New School, New York, NY.
Teaching Assistant for Michele Abeles at Parsons The New School, Introductory to Digital Photography, New York, NY.
Research Assistant for Arthur Ou, The New School, New York, NY.
Teaching Assistant for Bayeté Ross Smith at International Center for Photography, Teen Academy, New York, NY