Susu Attar



My practice explores the ways in which embodied subjects circulate in a media saturated world and how digitized culture impacts the way we make meaning. At the crux of this relationship is the image – what is imaged, how it is imaged, and the shifting power of its effects as it moves from context to context. The work begins with a process of research, gathering information and images, engaging in communities with colleagues and collaborators, bringing these relationships from the wider world to bear on the work that I create. My work takes many different forms – recently, workshops with community members of a rapidly changing neighborhood of Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles that resulted in a series of public artworks commemorating community. Isthmus, my solo exhibition at The Mistake Room, an installation of paintings of bodies taken from news media imagery of contexts of violence, re-positioning their meaning through the painterly gesture. The work that I make seeks to create a space of opportunity, possibility and connection. I hope to lead those who experience my work on a search for these moments of empathy and transformation.