Sonja Gerdes

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Artist Statement

I like to think about the possibility of setting up moments of infinite impossibilities in my work while activating a sense of what it means to be amorphous — abstract, ambiguous, absurd and uncertain. Through specific combinations of sculpture, performances and writings, my language of the amorphous and the hyperabstract unfolds.

My aim is to create a body of work that is based on the questions of what it means to be human in a society facing unimagined changes through climate change and global warming. In Los Angeles in 2009, I formulated a science-fiction project called Oxygenenergizer (OE), a fictional engine or amorphous living creature that runs on oxygen alone.

I see OE as a conceptual tool to create moments of absurdity to question existing belief systems, as well to talk about future possibilities in which the use of oil and gas will become obsolete.

The OE can be seen as a social sci-fi soul reimagining multiple layers of identity.

Therefore I see the genderless creatures in my performances as alter egos for „absurd activities“ addressing the question of what it means to be human. My body in that moment is a kind of magnet for thoughts of belief, failure, environmental change and ethics, for ideas of what OE can be or is. Sometimes it’s just an energy. Sometimes it’s an oracle or a soul or a “pie of trouble.” It is always an ongoing, infinite movement into a hyper amorphous sensibility versus the reality of environmental change.