Sigrid Lauren


“The body is the target of infinite demands— particularly the female body, which is bombarded daily by a host of added outrages: sexual, affective, domestic, reproductive, or exercises in control for the sake of control. Some of these demands are sharp; they jab us traumatically. Others accumulate gradually, noxiously, wearing us down, on a register that is unseen, unspoken, and unaccounted for— psycho-cellular rather than overt or linguistic. This means that, when and if the body retaliates, it should seek revenge and freedom on this psycho-cellular level first and foremost, rather than in words or the courts of reason, where it usually retains the false appearance of liberty. And when and if the body wishes to heal itself, and molt the weight of its scarred layers, it should do so in its own terminology.

My work— whether solo, in collaboration with Monica Mirabile as FlucT, or with the many talents at Otion Front Studio— is, in ways, a therapeutic revenge against these demands, insults, structures, and traumas, spoken in a mind-bodily language that may or may not be construed as ‘dance’ or ‘choreography.’ And, in fact, my own path to performance was not through institutions and industries that typically shape and support dance in the formal sense. At university, I was enrolled and involved in dance but drawn more to athletics, to its bodily self-understanding and therapeutic powers— even moving to Australia afterwards to pursue therapeutic surfing. However, returning the United States, and joining dance collectives in the experimental art and music circles of Baltimore, I found a space in which I could hash and thrash out my own somatic language: raw, direct, healing and speaking my traumatic experiences, and— as a cultural form— accusing the very forces and systems that inflicted them. It was also in Baltimore, in one of these collectives, that I met Monica Mirabile, with whom I formed FlucT.

FlucT has been the primary vehicle of these investigations ever since. Our performances manifest the demands made upon bodies— by systems, culture, families, lovers, even unthinking by-standers. We twist and grimace into caricatures of biopower— into she-dogs, dolls, patients, data-points, dutiful girlfriends— until a breaking point, at which we lash out and our bodies revolt in both exhaustion and emancipation, as a kind of psychosis or a physical narration of emotions. On stage, on camera, Monica and I intertwine, playing out new relations between bodies, in search of connection and in forms of radical, sometimes violent, intimacy. In a language of movement alone, that the audience will plainly feel and see, we ask: What controls you? What hurt you? How did it happen? How can you move beyond it? What would you rather? And how does a body want to move when it’s no longer looked upon simply as an object, tool or target?”


Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA – 2004-2008
Bachelor of Science Degree, Interpersonal Communication/Therapeutic Recreation


Main Tool is a Dumby , A/V Exhibition with Daata Editions, Chicago, IL
5 Hour Authentic Movement , Heartbreak Hotel, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY
UpwardFacingControlTableTop , Lever House, New York, NY
Alienated Labor, Without a Body at Andrea RoseN ll, New York, NY
Forgotten Time of the Traumatic Passions, The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY
Sissy Joker, NADA Art Fair at Skylight Clarkson, New York, NY
Egg Harbor Files , Zona Maco with Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, MX
Free Training in No Time , Otion Front Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Thrashing Lakes in Rivers , Amor Art Platform, Tlalpan, Mexico City, MX

Flip-A-Double-Trip , Ryan McNamara presents Back to School, MoMa PS1, Long Island City, NY
SissyJokerLaPieta, Coming to Power at Maccarone Gallery, New York, NY
The Egg Harbor Files, Bend and Hold at VisArts Museum, Rockville, MD
Levels1 , Times Square Office with Tiffany Zabludowicz, New York, NY
Pupture , Panel with SOPHIE, New Museum, New York, NY
Authority Figure , Knockdown Center, Queens, NY
Culture is not your Friend , Platform Gallery, Baltimore, MD

NikeDeadDaddyDog, Wild Project, New York, NY
FLUCT+ MODEL HOME, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
Waxed Veins, Special Effects Festival at The Wild Project [New York, NY], FlucT X Chromat at BRIC [Brooklyn, NY], Love Dogs in Yellow Lighting , Spring Break Art Fair at Moynihan Station, New York, NY
AGAPE , Soaked at Company Gallery, New York, NY
BOD[E]SOFTWARE , Art Helix, Brooklyn, NY

Hardening, The Lighting Studio ll, New York, NY
Early Adopters , Dixon Place, New York, NY
Peach Pickin Hoe Down , NY Art Book Fair at MoMa PS1, Long Island City, NY

Control Top, The Queens Museum, Queens, NY
TRANSVALUE: the Appraisal of Social Bodies, Fitness Gallery for Arts & Tactics, Brooklyn, NY
Real Estates , Yoga Center at Antagon, Titanik-Galleria, Turku, Finland

Solar Solipsis , Penthouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Untitled, Transcended Performance Series at Stamp Gallery, College Park, MD
This Saint Your City , SoHo20, New York, New York
Intro to FlucT , Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD

Consumed , SoHo20 Chelsea [New York, NY] You Our Capital , Whole Gallery, Baltimore, MD


2017 Otion Front Studio, March resident with Emil Bognar-Nasdor, Brooklyn, NY Amor Gallery, February resident, Tlalpan, Mexico City, MX

2016 Works in Progress, Times Square Office with Tiffany Zabludowicz, New York, NY,

2015 danceWEB Scholar Recipient, Vienna, AT

Dancer & Collaborator for Ryan McNamara

Battleground, Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

Dimensions, Perez Art Museum, Miami, FL

ME3M 4 Miami, Miami Grand Theater, Miami Beach, FL
Misty Milarky Ying Yang, The High Line, New York, NY
Score, Chain Wan, Hong Kong