Shirine Gill

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Artist Statement

Born in Iran and based in New York since the 1970s, I am a self- taught, boundary pushing contemporary photographer whose work explores the process of photography. I work in series, and my practice vacillates between abstraction, figuration and appropriation.

My abstract photographs explore the nature of vision and the difference between how the human eye sees reality and how a camera records it. In contrast to documentary and representational modes of photography, I use mundane or incidental objects, rendering them unrecognizable in order to focus attention on the fundamental act of looking and the process of perception. By manipulating found objects, textiles, and a variety of light sources, I create elusive imagistic plays of form, line and color, which provoke both the visceral, and intellectual pleasures of seeing. My conscious obliteration of the presentation of reality allows me to expand the illusionistic space of digital photography. When viewed in sequence, evoking subtle passage of time, these abstract images have a rhythmic flow to them, reflecting my interest in world music and Persian poetry.In contrast to my abstract work, my metaphoric photographs make use of appropriated imagery taken from a broad variety of sources including film, family photographic archives, and Persian illustrated manuscripts among others. I often obscure the original source material by adding layers of text or inserting a background of abstract patterns derived from my Iranian heritage. Though understated, this body of work references the politics of identity, class and social inequality.

As I continue to expand my photographic practice, hoping to probe the theme of perception in a new and inventive way, I encourage viewers to reconsider the traditional functions and expectations of the photographic image.



1975 Columbia University. Bachelor of Arts, Islamic Studies
1976 Columbia University. Master’s Candidate, Islamic Art
1982-86 Studied Photography with Jerry Ullsman, Ernst Haas, Judy Dater and Ralph Gibson
1995 Studied Printing with Valdir Cruz


Selected Shows

Louisiana Art and Science Museum, “The Edge of Vision,” Baton Rouge, LA 2012
Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, “The Edge of Vision,” Charleston, WV

Schneider Museum of Art, “Edge of Vision,” Ashland, OR

Third Streaming, Summer Picks, New York, NY

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College,
“Edge of Vision,” Winter Park, FL

Center for Creative Photography at the University of Tucson, “Edge of Vision,” Tucson, AZ

AR/Contemporary Art, “Ephemeral Textures”, Milan, Italy

Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China
Aperture Foundation, ”The Edge of Vision”, New York, NY
Lee Weber Fine Art, Solo Show, Greenwich, CT
Lee Weber Fine Art, Solo Show, Scarsdale, NY

LTMH Gallery,” East West Dialogues”, New York, NY
LTMH Gallery, “Inaugural Show”, New York, NY

Bridge Art Fair, MIami, FL
07 Arts Project, Contemporary Art Fair, London, England
LTMH Gallery, “Flowers”, New York, NY
LTMH Gallery, “Poetic Visions”, New York, NY
LTMH Gallery, “Black and White”, New York, NY

LTMH Gallery, “Contemporary Persian Themes”, New York, NY

LTMH Gallery, “Gallery Artists”, New York, NY
Throckmorton Gallery, NewYork, NY

Carrington Gallery, San Antonio,TX

Kim Eckenroth Gallery, Boulder, CO
Kennedy Boesky Gallery, New York, NY

Sarah Northland Gallery, New York,NY



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