Sarah Miska

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Artist Statement
Sarah Miska employs a variety of materials and techniques that weave together themes of the body, gender and persona. She invites us to reflect on the social and historical influences that shape and form our ideas surrounding identity. The various images and objects utilized take on feminine forms such as her own mother’s wig turned merkin, painted wigs from Lady Gaga’s collection, handle-like braids and exaggerated nipple tassels. Miska reconfigures various fragments of either the body or accessories, calling attention to these simple forms and their new arrangements.

By employing wit as an invitation to look further, in her series of faces Miska playfully places breast-like objects for eyes to construct a simple expression. The saying, “My eye’s are up here” takes on new meaning. In her series of braids, Miska calls attention to the history surrounding these isolated objects, from Greek Caryatids and Kouros figures to today’s Feminist theory. The slightly outdated but utterly brilliant Simone de Beauvoir discusses the myths surrounding the woman as statuesque, “…braided curled, or sculpted, her hair lost its troublesome vegetal mystery. In the embellished woman, Nature was present but captive, shaped by human will in accordance with mans desire.”