Sarah Dougherty

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Artist Statement
I am a plein-air artist, portraiting my dwellings and ecosystems to locate a concrete identity amongst multiple narratives commanding my attention and allegiance. Relationship with environment and transcultural cosmologies are two central themes in my work.

Then language seeps in: to decolonize theories, education, aesthetics, and ecologies. Delinking from a dominant capitalist/euro-centric way of life made my mother’s motherland, Bolivia, more visible. Anxieties and fears unravel while I learn and participate in more indigenous ways of tending to the earth and habitat here in Los Angeles, or Yangna, as it’s known to Tongva people.

My art practice is all my domestic rituals and the way I paint them, living semi-off-grid, and the workshops for dismantling racism and deepening intuitive visioning. In collaborations with my community, we generate participatory installations and use transformative performance to shift and re-align paradigms. I generate and document these moments in paint as medicine for myself and people and our earth.