Sarah Chacich

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What is my work about?

My work deals with the ways in which we form meaning in art. It plays on the exchange between art and audience, and calls into question the building blocks of the process. Namely, in the way thought, image and language are used in the process.

Artist Statement

In my work I use photography to take a look at the element of exchange between the audience and artist and the ways in which imagination itself can be used as material. I play with the ways we form meaning, and the way this process is continuously evolving. This creates a narrative in and of itself, in which the technology, the media used to inform the work, the language, image and thought, become repurposed elements, taking on new roles.

2007 SVA MFA
2002 University of Minnesota, BFA

Coup de Foudre, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY

Content, ATHICA, Athens, GA

Soundworks, ICA, London, UK

Short Stories, Sculpture Center, LIC, NY
Summer Screening, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Chinese Take-Out, Art in General, New York, NY
Collective Show, Participant, New York, NY
Launch, Forte, Recess Activities, New York, NY
Aboveground Animation, Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA

Undocumented, AVA, New York, NY
Screening/ Brucennial, Recess Activities, New York, NY

Aboveground Animation, Ramiken Crucible, New York, NY
Sick Love, Catherine Slip, New York, NY
Launch, Forte, hosted by No. 6 store, New York, NY

Graduation show, SVA Gallery, New York, NY
Undocumented night of performance, Taxter and Spengemann
Hot House, the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN

Curatorial Projects
Form, Function, Fiction, Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY
Simple Subtraction, 47 Thames, Brooklyn, NY

Art Haps, October in Pictures
Art Log, Love at First Sight

Rhizome, Editor at Large Picks, Top 10 for 2011, by Karen Archey
Wall Street Journal, In Chinatown, Trading Heirlooms for Fine Art

The Outlet, the Blog of Electric Literature, Magazine Forte Launch, November, 2010 by Julia Jackson

Modern Painters, Non-Specific Objects, March 2007 by Jerry Saltz