Sara Debevec

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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia performance artist and writer with a background in Sociology. My artistic practice stems from avant garde cabaret and I like to explore gender, identity, belonging, states of being and the anthopocene, through animal archetypes. In the past, I have performed as a jealous horse, a homeless snail, a disorientated moth, an intrusive fly and a devastated fish. Although seemingly light hearted, my performances use dark humour to satirize and illuminate social identity.

I am greatly inspired by animals as I find that through creating animal monologues, I am developing a new form of storytelling. Animals are submissive to people and I believe power relationships that exist among humans can be well represented and embodied through animal ethics. I am interested in the anthopocene and what the psychological consequences are of destroying our environment. Through my installations, I create sombre, dark, post apocalyptic and lonely environments where I invite the audience to reflect on the organic loss and decay we are responsible for.

Strong imagery, language and costume are key to my practice. As a female performer who attempts to embody unusual animal archetypes, I ask the question “Why can’t feminine, be portraying traditional masculine animalistic?” Using outfits that strongly emphasize the female form, I aim to break boundaries of subjectivity and gender classification using my body.

I aim to engage with the audience in a way that sparks curiosity and debate. My work doesn’t seek to answer questions but rather pose questions by embodying them.


MSc in Urban Studies
September 2008 – September 2009
University College London, University of London

BA in Sociology (Upper 2:1)
October 2005 – July 2008
Goldsmiths College, University of London

Family Ties: Kinship, Collaboration, and Power in Film and Media Conference: University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2016.
* My Family Before Me, video performance
Highways Performance Space & Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, August 2016.
*Fish Tanks Performance as part of SOLO DOLO show with 5 other solo artists
Performance Space Berlin, Incarnata Social Club, New York, USA, February 2016
*Performance Deconstructions as part of a performance showcase led by Kembra Pfahler and Orlando Estrada
Panoply Performance Laboratory PPL, Performancy Forum: Entrapment, trappings, vermin and rapture, Brooklyn, New York, USA, February 2016.
*Shadow dance, physical theatre and monologue performance as part of a Performancy Forum.
Glasshouse, Plays of Domesticity, Brooklyn, New York, USA, January 2016.
*Experimental performance in a bathtub entitled Cockroach as part of
Plays of Domesticity.
Pioneer Works, Performance Art 101 Showcase, Brooklyn, USA, November 2015.
* Collaboration with Kembra Pfahler and 11 other interdisciplinary artists
Greenhouse Berlin, THE SHELLS, Berlin, Germany, June 2015.
*Devising and performing in an immersive theatre show led by Kirsten Brandt and Jos Porath inspired by David Lynch’s TV-drama Twin Peaks.
Gólya Presszó, INSITU Site Specific Performances exploring District 8 Gentrification, Budapest, Hungary, March 2015.
*Creation of site specific performances in collaboration with 18 actors, performers, directors, writers and visual artists from France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Serbia.
Café Karma, Londyński Kabaret Chalk Dust, Warsaw, Poland, October 2014.
* Curated an avant garde cabaret evening bringing London performers to Warsaw for one night only. Performed Lonely Fly as part of Chalk Dust Cabaret Showcase.
Café Karma, Wieczór poetycko-muzyczny na rzecz ofiar powodzi na Bałkanach; curated a spoken word fundraiser in support of floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. June 2014.
Klub Komediowy, 10th Spoke’N’Word Festival, Warsaw, Poland, December 2013.
The & CO.,Hackney Arts Studio, collaboration and performance in an avant garde film by Elsa Philippe, London, UK, May 2012.
Camp Bestival, Marisa Carnesky’s Tarotdrome, Isle of White, UK, July 2011.
Glastonbury Festival, Cabaret Tent, Somerset, UK, June 2011.
The Roundhouse,Marisa Carnesky’s Finishing School: Pandemonium, London, UK, May 2011.

Salem Art Works, New York, Summer 2015
Youth in Action, INSITUSite Specific Performances exploring District 8 Gentrification, Gólya Presszó, Budapest, Hungary, Spring 2015
Youth in Action, Inter Rural Art : Theatre, in site specific as tool to work with and for Young people from rural environment: Orgiva, Spain, Autumn 2012
Youth in Action, Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue: Izmir, Turkey, Spring 2011
The Roundhouse London, Young Creatives Residency, UK, Dec 2011-Dec 2012

* Cabaret as a form of creative storytelling, NoHo Senior Arts Colony, LA, Spring 2017
* Writing and Spoken Word Class and Workshop, The British School, Warsaw, Summer 2013
* Performance Art and Physical Theatre, Lazarski University, Warsaw, Summer, Autumn 2012


Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance Project at The Ace Hotel Theater, Spot LA Blog, December 15, 2016.
Lucinda Childs, A Portrait (1963-2016), Spot LA Blog, November 25, 2016.
Bodytraffic at The Broad, Spot LA Blog, November 3, 2016.
Dance Performances Culminate Month-Long Recognition of Forsythe’s Work by The Music Center, USC Kaufman School of Dance and LACMA, Spot LA Blog, October 27, 2016.
California State University, Long Beach – College of the Arts & the Department of Dance, Spot LA Blog, October 19, 2016.
Selected Poems in Bad Brains, Antlers Press, 2013
Whispering with the landscapes- Elisabeth Beltsoe, Kathleen Jamie and Robin Robertson, The Southbank Centre Poetry International Blog, November 9 2010
Elaine Feinstein, Sylvia Fischerova, Tomaz Salamun & Kristina Ehin: Poetry From The New Europe, The Southbank Centre Poetry International Blog, November 5 2010
Moniza Alvi, Katia Kapovich, Joan Margarit & Andrew Motion: Arvon Foundation Gala Reading, The Southbank Centre Poetry International Blog, November 8 2008 
Lost in Translation: Reflections on ‘Zbigniew Herbert: Between Two Worlds Al Alvarez, Eva Hoffman and Nick Laird’The Southbank Centre Poetry International Blog, October 31 2008
Impressions from the William Blake Garden,The Southbank Centre Poetry International Blog, October 27 2008