Rebecka Jackson-Moeser



I am a Los Angeles based  performance artist, filmmaker and installation artist.  I use direct activism in my practice through community organizing and political actions that manifest in a variety of forms through film and live projects nationally and internationally. I integrate emerging and experimental technology to create work that is directly influenced by social justice movements, violence and suppression.  

My practice is built largely on the methods that indigenous societies; around the world use to engage with art. Historically, and in these societies there existed no distinction between art, politics, daily life and innovation. I believe that  western art has departed from the true purpose of art as a means to invoke thought and improve the human condition.  Too much effort is poured into creating “entertainment” rather than producing true art. I believe the combination of technology, art, work, daily life and pragmatic design is a return to the original and purest methodology of art making.   

I was trained in a traditional studio practice for theater and dance. Those principles are fundamental to my practice and my existence. Rather than dismissing or altering their traditional structures, I attempt to layer them with disruptive methodologies that include  confrontational and immersive experiences. My process draws heavily on research,  abstracted rehearsals/projects and oral histories. I study pop culture trends and link them to historical contexts and personal and family narratives. The through line becomes an amalgam of documentary and live narrative tied together through extensive physical objects, performances, audience engagement experiences and soundscapes.  

The current series I am creating is a seven part installation throughout Los Angeles. Intersection, investigates the lives of people of color. This series relies heavily on audience engagement and their ability to take responsibility inside and outside of the performance. Reimagining elements of Boal’s “Theater of the Oppressed” which turns audience members into participants it requests them to atone for the things they’ve acquired while separating from spurious political and societal baggage. The series aims to explore if social media creates social justice and the ability to have visceral experiences through an online platform. By combining new technologies with live elements the audience is duly and continually stimulated long after the original piece, ensuring a digital commitment that lingers indefinitely. 

How do we quantify living in a country where black and brown people are still lynched and referred to as animals while simultaneously being celebrated as leaders in art, culture and political landscapes? I believe this dichotomy is especially strong in Los Angeles, as the Hollywood machine skews a certain degree of reality. Within the walls of this juxtaposition we fight various “wars” that are really the right for human beings to live a life with dignity and safety. Drugs, lack of healthcare, homelessness, infant mortality, access to fresh food and violence are the material reality of many of black and brown Angelenos, yet the city is one of the wealthiest in world, home to the most famous celebrities, tech giants and athletes. The material reality and the material fantasy of the average Angeleno is so varied, we have really created a kind of mystical fantasy land, it’s where dreams are conceived and birthed, sometimes to thrive and sometimes to fail miserably. This entire series of work is based on these concepts and manifests in ways that allow the audience to participate, touch, ask questions and become a part of the show.The intent for this series is to create space to reexamine historical and cultural material that is taboo or  typically unquestioned. People of Color do not feel as though their voices are being represented in fine art because they generally exist as mannequin/fetish rather than fully realized individuals.  

Because of the sweeping social problems that affect People of Color in Los Angeles I have found this work to be extremely impactful and a means to facilitate ongoing discussion and community engagement. They oral histories have proven themselves to be therapeutic for both the historians and the community members who later engage with their stories. By facilitating a means for POC to tell and preserve their legacies and stories they are protected sand validated in their struggles.  

During my previous performance pieces Market Value audience members were allowed to freely engage with eight nude dancers of color and write anywhere; on the dancers, the walls and sculptures. What happened was an unexpected connection between dancer and audience as they moved, drew and cried together. They removal of the barrier of clothing and rules allowed people to show their humanity, which was inherently loving and supportive. I find much of my work has a social experiment and people continuously show their willingness and need to engage on a human level, sans the vitriol that is constantly circulated throughout our government and hatemongers. This work is gravely needed in Los Angeles at this time, as study after study confirms the transcendent and measurable effects of art on humanity.  These projects are specifically designed to be interactive, culturally sensitive, relevant, multi generation and accessible. Generally putting on art shows is extremely expensive, and therefore most people cannot afford to participate or attend. I specifically build shows and experiences that are lower in cost and allow all audiences an opportunity to attend. Art is necessary to build community and hold it together. These installations not only display the art but create a space for people to come together, share ideas and inspire creativity for others. This work is designed to bridge generational gaps and instigate dialogue. The work is made specifically around marginalized communities, unheard voices and people who need representation in society and our political landscape.   



California Institute of the Arts MFA, Stage Management, Film 2014
University of Missouri, St. Louis BA, Theater and Dance 2010
University of Legon, Ghana Theatrical and Film Studies 2008


Angle Of Repose Gallery Director Cori Redston, Artist 2018
Erased Gallery Director Eric Hsu 2018
Hysterical Topographies Gallery Director Cori Redstone, Curator 2018
Live Producer, Curator Rebecka Jackson 2017
7 x7 Producer David Paul Kay 2017
Like California Fruit Gallery Director Mary Hill and Krista Bueking 2016
Buffalo Soldier Gallery Director Chaz Guest 2016
Market Value Director Rebecka Jackson 2016
Portraits Gallery Director Shaun Johnson 2015

E. Desmond Lee Collabrotive
Student Endowment Award City of Los Angeles
District 4
Excellence in Art Certificate
Che Brigade
Special Commitee for Cuban Delegation


Let’s Keep Orginizing
Black Union Worker Honored Workers.Org
Protests in Anehiem Workers.Org
The Role of Artists In Revolution Workers.Org

Giving Artists Agency Director Non-Profit Grant Fund for Artists November 2015-Present
Visual Artists Group Chief Operating Officer Arts Management and Funding November 2015-Present
Harriet Tubman Center Producer/Consultant Media Dept. Social Justice Projects July 2014- Present
Rabbit Bandini Productions Producer James Franco’s Production Company August 2012-July 2015
Studio 4 Director of Operations James Franco’s Arts and Acting School January 2014-July 2015
CalArts Theatrical Makeup and Special Effects Department Head November 2011-May 2014
CalArts Commission For Sustainability Founder, Consultant Environmentally Friendly Art Making August 2014-Present

Up.Rise. The Film Director, Baltimore MD Feature 2018
Basorexia Producer, Los Angeles CA Anna McClain 2017
Winesburg Producer, Los Angeles CA James Franco 2016
Screens Producer, Los Angeles CA Eric Hsu 2016
Rediscovering the Scientist Producer, Los Angeles CA Lydia Hicks, Feature 2016
Suburbab Memior Co- Producer James Franco 2015
The Magic Tower Producer, Los Angeles CA Deborah LaVine, Series 2014
Big Top Assistant Director, Los Angeles CA James Franco, Short/Music Video 2013
Where Ya At Producer, Los Angeles CA Kwesi Wade, Short 2013
Panglossian Producer, Los Angeles CA Rasika Ruwanpathirana 2014
The Finger and The Chicken Foot Producer, Los Angeles CA Manuel Rios Zertuche 2014
Romeo And Juliet Producer, Los Angeles CA Kwesi Wade, Short 2014
The Lodge Producer, Los Angeles CA Rasika Ruwanpathirana, Feature 2014
Ashtar Producer, Ramallah West Bank Ahlem Khamis, Feature 2012
Paradise Producer, Los Angeles CA Deborah LaVine, Series 2012
Holy Land Producer, Lakewood CA James Franco, Feature 2012
Pennies for the Boatman Second Unit Director, St. Louis MO Niyi Coker, Feature 2009


Crooks Writer/Producer Rebecka Jackson 2019 Studio 4, Reality Show Producer, Los Angeles CA Vince Jollivette 2014

Mama Africa The Musical AD/Stage Manager, Cape Town South AfricaDr. ‘Niyi Coker 2017
Kinesis, Spring Dance Stage Manager, Northridge CA Brigette Dunn Korpela 2017
POPFEST Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA INVNT 2016
Kinesis, Fall Dance Stage Manager, Northridge CA Brigette Dunn Korpela 2016
Mama Africa The Musical AD/Stage Manager, US Tour Niyi Coker 2016
What to Send Up When It Goes Down Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA Aleshea Harris 2016
Mama Africa The Musical AD/Stage Manager, Cape Town South AfricaDr. ‘Niyi Coker 2016
Kinesis, Spring Dance Stage Manager, Northridge CA Brigette Dunn Korpela 2016
Echo Stage Manager, Producer, Boston MA Brigette Dunn-Korpela 2015
The Glass Menagerie Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA James Franco and Deborah LaVine 2015
Winesburg, Ohio Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA James Franco, UCLA 2015
Echo Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA Brigette Dunn-Korpela 2015
A Streetcar Named Desire Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA James Franco and Deborah LaVine 2015
Richard II Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA Fran Bennett 2014
Magic Tower Producer/Stage Manager Los Angeles CA James Franco and Deborah LaVine 2014
TEDx Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA Raakhi Kipur 2013
Paradise Stage Manager, Producer, Los Angeles CA James Franco and Deborah LaVine 2012
Never Odd Or Even Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA Anne C. Moore 2012
Frederick Douglass Now Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA Roger Guenveur Smith 2012
Purgatory in Ingolstadt Stage Manager, Los Angeles CA Marina McClure 2012
Booth! AD/Stage Manager, New York, NY Dr. ‘Niyi Coker 2010
Sizwe Banzi is Dead Stage Manager, Bermuda National Theater Dr. ‘Niyi Coker 2010
Urinetown Stage Manager, St. Louis Missouri Jason Cannon 2009
Booth! Stage Manager, St. Louis Missouri Dr. ‘Niyi Coker 2008
Recent Tragic Events Stage Manager, St. Louis Missouri Jason Cannon 2008