Rachel Eulena Williams

Functioning  as both painting and sculpture, my strokes are replaced by ropes that visually and structurally hold together layered fragments of un-stretched paintings. The freedom in this process allows for a practice that can grow and change at anytime, Free from the stillness of traditional stretcher bars and a set shape. Stemming from a long search for the right medium, my practice focuses on the tactile quality of sculpture, the essential color theory of painting and the mark making in drawing.

Starting with a conceptual  practice that was focused on an appreciation  for the everyday,  grew an attempt to confront  issues in personal identity. Using rope in my practice was and is still a release, a way to own a material that can play a key part in control. Re-contextualizing rope from an everyday object became a way to confront subjects and forces of control. Years later, after searching through many mediums, rope in my work has returned instead as an enabler for formal freedom. The use of rope  in my work now allows images to grow, change, and expand, making for images that can dance and move, and painting that can act as installation and take over a space.

Entranced by color I create the catalyst, with most works viewers bring their own boxes and are lead to an unraveling of their own definition for a visual experience. An ambiguity intended to empower viewers, giving viewers a chance to embrace their own creativity by activating the negative space. With a visual result similar to a sign or denotive object,  the use of language, ancient symbols, intuitive mark making and common motifs familiarize viewers. A radical approach to painting where the rope “lines” highlight a sense of freedom, transitioning from two dimensional into the three dimensional spaces  Happily checking more than one box, replacing traditions’ place in my practice with interdisciplinary connection.

Rachel Elulena Williams

(B. 1991, US)



The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Bachelor of Fine Art, 2013



Feed The Meter 2, Ceysson & Bénétière, Wandhaff, Luxembourg, 2017


Tennis Elbow, The Journal Gallery (Project room), Brooklyn,NY, 2017

The one and only East Hampton Biennial, Curated by Woobie Bogus and Adrienne Rubenstein, East Hampton , NY, 2017

Coco Currents, Turn Gallery, NY NY, 2017

Shampoo Effect, Mass Gallery Austin, TX, 2017

Staccato, SomeTime Salon, San Francisco, CA, 2017

Dreams Come True, Sleep Center, NY, NY, 2016

Epizootics, DTCV Firehouse, NY, NY 2015

Dog Show. Center Street, NY, NY, 2015


“Peek Performance Through Closed Turn Gallery” , Creators, Vice,  2017

“Episode 23 -Rachel Eulena Williams”, Deep Color Podcast, 2017

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NY Studio Factory, Brooklyn, NY, 2014