Patrisse Cullors

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What Is My Work About? 

My work utilizes multiple art mediums from installation, video, new media and live performance. It pushes audiences to reach beyond the edges of normativity, and pulls on the traumas of humankind. What is our resilience? Where does it live inside of us? How do we utilize it through our daily rituals? My work is a snapshot of the macro and provides a sobering view of what destructive behaviors we have all been participants in.


Artist Statement

Patrisse Cullors art is a magnified glass, an amplified moment in the raw and vulnerable stories of the invisible. Using theatre techniques, visuals, audio, and dance, her works renders bare the narratives of state induced trauma while lifting up a path towards healing. Her work ultimately asks the audience to identify themselves in relationship to various forms of violence, be it coded in silence behind jail walls or in the coming out stories people of color. Wielding discomfort as her medium, art becomes an invitation to shed complicity and engage broader questions of systemic violence and spiritual rejuvenation.




Visiting Fellow at the Arcus Center for Social Justice and Leadership 2014

B.A. in Religious Studies UCLA June 2012

Theater of the Oppressed Trained with Augosto Boal and Brent Blair 2002-



Exhibitions/Presentations Solos:


“An Evening with Warriors: Speaking the Unspoken” Highways Performance Space

“An Evening with Warriors: Speaking the Unspoken” Claremont Colleges



“Pushing the Envelope” Pieter Performance Space

“Pushing the Envelope” APALC community room

“Stained” USC Imap program



“Stained” Highways Performance Space Beholder’s Series Director

“Stained” Install Weho

“Stained” Pieter Performance Space

“Stained” William Grant Still Art Gallery


Exhibitions/Presentations Group:



Shattering Shame, Breaking Silence: Street Theater outside of the Los Angeles County Jails ( 12 week summer series)



“Rise of the Dandelions” Pieter Peformance Space

“Black and Brown Love” Perris High School- Gymnasium, Cleveland High School Gymnasium



“Stained” Nativethinghood Art Showcase *Director

Heatwave” at the “Various Small Fires” project space Dancer



“Community Rights Theater Troupe” Mercado La Paloma Director and

Producer 2006-2011



“Barefeet Beats” Pieter performance space Producer and Choreographer

2010, and 2006

“Unearthing Altars” Bacchus Director/Choreographer/Producer

“Guerilla Altaring Project” Through out the streets of Los Angeles



“Black And Brown Love” Cleveland High School Stadium Director/Producer


“Earth Path of a Diety” 24th Street Theater Producer, Fashion

Designer/Stylist and Producer




“Flash them Threads” Michelle’s XXX co-Director and Runway


“With Love as my Tool I heal my Wounds” 24th Street Theater co-Producer




“Skim- For Every Tear Album Release and Performance” Art-share L.A. co-

Producer and Choreagrapher



“The Sacred Feminine” 24th street theater Dancer/ Choreagrapher



“Art of Resistance” Luna Sol Cafe Poet



“Smokey Robinson” Wiltern Theater Dancer/Choreographer



Artist Resident @ 24th street theater from 2005-2007

Visiting Fellow @ Arcus Center for Social Justice and Leadership 2014



Founder and Executive Director of the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in L.A. Jails/Dignity and Power Now ( 2012-present)

co-Artistic Director w. Tribe of the Diasporas (art based collective in los

angeles) 2006-present

co-Director of “Community Rights Theater Troupe” 2006-2011

co-Producer/Director “Black and Brown Love” -Village Nation- 2008-present