Pastiche Lumumba



Bruce High Quality Foundation University – MFU | 2016-2017 Georgia State University – Studio Art | 2008-2012

Solo/Two Person Exhibitions
2018 “Don’t @ Me” – The Gallery by WISH – Atlanta, GA 2014 “Double | Date” [with Meta Gary] | MINT Gallery, GA 2013 “A Retrospective”- The Low Museum – Atlanta, GA

Group Exhibitions


“[Unsubscribe]” – Supplement Projects – Miami, FL
“BRIC Biennial: ‘Virtual and Real Estate'” – BRIC – Brooklyn, NY “NeoDaddyism” – Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – Prague 2018
“Pure Raw” – Resort – Baltimore, MD
“re:trospective” – RE: Art – Brooklyn, NY
“Drawings, paintings, maybe a sculpture 2” – Everybody – Tucson, AZ “Easy Lover” – Selena’s Mountain – Brooklyn, NY
“Ways to Die” – Bruce High Quality Foundation – Brooklyn, NY
“Thresheld” – Underdonk – Brooklyn, NY
“New Black Portraitures” – New Museum/Rhizome – Online
“Untitled Passage” – HOUSING – Brooklyn, NY
“Parafiction” – Arts Center South Florida – Miami, FL
“Fresh Looks” – TenSquared Gallery – online
“Dis:Embodied” – Non-Fiction Gallery – Savannah, GA
“ELEVATE” (public) – Downtown Atlanta, GA
“Wonderfarm” – Ponce City Market – Atlanta, GA
“EngageMINT” – Phase A – Atlanta, GA
“Steal This Bike” – MINT Gallery – Atlanta US
“Atlanta Renaissance” – W* Miami, US
“Either/Or: The Art of Dichotomy” – Kavarna – Atlanta, US
“Art/Rap” – City of Ink – Atlanta, US
Art Against Hierarchy – The Arts Exchange – Atlanta, US #MoreOfTheSame – The Low Museum – Atlanta, US
PORN – The Low Museum – Atlanta, US
Dada’s Little Bitch [YELLOWISM] – Freak Sister Chamber – London, UK 2012
The Sound of Fire – Ernest G. Welch School of Art GSU – Atlanta, US Trans/Positions – Kiang Gallery – Atlanta, US


2015 Final Champion – Art Chopped at BHQFU
2015 Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award Finalist 2015 Wonderroot CSA Season Six
2014 Sumptuary Micro-honorarium


2016-2017 MFU Year long Studio Residency at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University


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Spring 2018 | Teen Educator “Hot Pixels: Processing Identity Through Digital Art” at MoMA Spring 2017 | Educator “Memes and Contemporary Culture” at BHQFU