Panagiotis Mavridis

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Artist Statement

In the arts there is a tendency to value the context and the discipline of each individual work as having equal importance. The medium used is charged with history and the context connected to it is considered an important issue. I consider this to be at fault with reality. What holds significant truth in my mind is the inclusion of the unimportant tasks and the daily routines we engage ourselves with almost unconsciously. These are never an expression of something else, but always an end to themselves. The analogy to describe my point would be the senseless separation made between people who are considered important and those who are ordinary in life. Coming from a working class family in Greece while I was studying at art school I was disturbed by the estrangement I sensed between my coworkers at my manual labor jobs and the so called people of the art-world. It was a challenge to me to find a balance between these two different worlds and their mentalities. What disturbed me the most was to witness the fact that only the few deemed as important get full opportunities to express themselves publicly and always as a rule they disappoint us by default. In my practice I try not to make such exclusions. I try to be inclusive with people and practices. I think there is a need to increase inclusiveness in art, so we avoid disappointment and disillusionment.

In my work every day routines are placed in high regard, such as the processes we almost mechanically and at times unconsciously engage with every day. These actions that combine states of heightened senses, consciousness and unconsciousness, are the perfect artworks that can reproduce themselves as they also remain entirely unique.

Files 1-7 are the artifacts of my pastime childish play. They are a drawing war game that I play by myself. The key characteristic that gives them form through repetitive gestures, like in any other games is the inability to predetermine or even predict the end result that is the winning side. Some of these drawings (files 6-7) use as their starting point an edition of etchings that are identical but get drawn on and transform to unique individual pieces.

The main characteristic of a daily task is its repetitiveness. My main concern in my sound works (files13-15) is to create pieces of indefinite durations that consist of intertwining loops of different lengths that are analogous to the rhythm of events that can take place in one’s daily life. The alternation between consonant and dissonant tones is there to represent different moods. When the sound-piece is activated it is not isolated from its surroundings. The space in which it develops is not sterile, on the contrary it is a field of elements where the sounds continuously draw from and refer to.

File 13 is a recording of a dining table that was designed to transduce its vibration into sound. During the time of eight people dining, a performance of improvised music and sound took place simultaneously next door in a room in response to each sound that came from the dinner table.

In the case of File 15, the sound made is in response to files16-20 which are arrangements of paper placemats I use to take notes on orders during my time working as a waiter.

The instruments used in (files8-12) are automated and at times are programmed to reproduce a loop. The programming is done through live recordings of my movements on potentiometers that control the speed of the motors of the instruments and in return play back and loop. This “live recording”” reproduces my movements in real time during the performance of each piece. The sounds that are generated are a product of a recording but they themselves are not be considered recordings since they are generated by the instrument itself.

The tasks that are almost unconsciously undertaken on a daily basis have the form of a ritual, altering our consciousness and perception of time and space. These tasks are destined to be, not exactly forgotten, but mixed in with other repetitive versions of tasks from the past and present, forming one abstract memory that is without any temporal or spatial reference. In my work I invoke such memories and draw them to the forefront.



Born in Athens, Greece, 1980


2012 MFA Studio Art, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY

2004 Undergraduate degree in Visual Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts, Painting Concentration, Athens, Greece

Exhibition Record

Longing”, Sound and 16mm film Performance with Raha Raissnia,   All the World’s Futures, 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale, Italy
Vioi, Part III”, Sound and 35mm Slide Performance, Collaboration with Raha Raissnia, Ε.Δ.Ω., Athens, Greece
“Mneme” Sound and 16mm film Performance with Raha Raissnia, AllGold, MOMA PS1 Printshop.

Vioi, Part III” Sound and 35mm Slide Performance, Collaboration with Raha Raissnia, part of “Slide, Slide, Slide”, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Vioi” Sound and Film Performance, Collaboration with Raha Raissnia for “Bomb” Magazine, Wendy`s Subway Benefit, Wendy`s Subway, Brooklyn, NY
Rasa Rasa” Tzadik Records, NYC, Recording Participant
Deviant” Sound Performance with Sebastian Mekas and Dalius Naujo, part of “A Particular Kind Of Solitude, an exhibition inspired by writings of Robert Walser”, Elizabeth Street Garden, NYC
Litany” Sound and Film Performance, collaboration with Raha Raissnia, part of “A Particular Kind Of Solitude, an exhibition inspired by writings of Robert Walser”, Elizabeth Street Garden, New York, NY

Illustrious Clients”, Music Performance, Lithuanian Alliance of America

AKA” (Active Knowledge Academy) Exhibition, BRAC (Bronx River Art Center), Bronx, NY
Art for Soul”, Japan Relief Exhibition, A Gallery, New York, NY
CAA New York area MFA Exhibition, Hunter College, Times Square Gallery, New York, NY


2012-2011-2010 CCNY Connor Award, The City College of New York, CUNY

Professional Experience

2013-2015 Intro to Sculpture, Saint Joseph`s College, Brooklyn, NY

2013-2014 Crafts as an Art From, Saint Joseph`s College, Brooklyn, NY

2013-2014 Intro to Drawing, Adjunct Professor, Early College program, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY

2012-2015 Photography and Visual Perception, Adjunct Professor, Early College program, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY