Owen Westberg

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Artist Statement

My work accentuates painting’s inherent quality as a box of light or window. Each piece is a reconciliation of observed information with the construction of pictorial planes. Composing a given motif in a more stage-like manner (tilting the floor up, adjusting a shadow) allows a platform to couch light, nuance color and circulate air using observation as an implement rather than a shackle. This suite of paintings is a cycle of mirages derived from windows, day dreams, early Renaissance paintings, CGI, and the nearby cemetery. However different the content, its role is to test and play with representation as it breaks down into the swishes and dabs of a brush. In this way subject matter mutates through painting, like an Elizabethan sonnet mistranslated into a treatise on aquariums.



2014 MFA Visual Arts, Columbia University

2008 BFA Painting, Rhode Island School of Design


2014 Leaning Steeples: SHOW ROOM Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Columbia MFA Thesis Show: Fisher Landau Center, Long Island City, NY


2013-2014 Brevoort-Eickemeyer Fellowship

2013 Visual Arts TA Tuition Fellowship