Nikholis Planck

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Artist Statement

The way I use wax doubles as both a material and a means for the paint application’s performative gesture and longevity. I enjoy its flesh like consistency which lasts for a short time, like a human lifetime, then dries and hardens but still has the sensitive and delicate qualities as it does upon it’s heating (temperature, melting). Like a human body it absorbs whatever is around or in reach and grows brittle reflecting what it has absorbed and had imprinted on itself. Let me digress and reflect how upon examining the bricks of wax purchased their surfaces show a both familiar and alien marking and relief. Wood grain, bolts etc from the shelves they had been displayed upon. Perhaps in a way they are a loaded material having been etched and imposed upon from their various environments and travels.

Like most other contemporary practitioners of paint application, I center it around an even eager and three dimensional variant. Though the painting is satisfying in it’s inherent tedium and mysterious allure as I am constantly baffled by my repetitive impulses to make painting – unlike a drawing or a piece of sculpture, a painting arrives at what I could vaguely evaluate as a satisfactory outcome. I find that it is done or done enough with the support and structure of a medium like wax allows me to tread lightly. I set up prerogatives (wax on canvas, water based oils) which allow me to take the weight of the actual act of painting and keep it both within reach and out of reach.

A good friend of mine declared that an artist’s audience are, not only, living artists but more importantly (potently) deceased artists. Without discounting the importance of my colleagues and peers whom I firmly believe play one of the most important, and dear aspects to an artist’s work – for procedures both literally and metaphorically. This attitude is explained the announcements for projects and organized events spanning performance and sonic experiences.



b. 1987

Lives and works in New York City

Exhibitions & Projects


I Know What You Did Last Summer, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY

Freedom Culture, The Journal, Brooklyn

CL+NP+VC, Simone Subal Gallery, NY organized by Sam Korman

The Painter of Modern Man organized by Bob Nickas, Anton Kern Gallery, New York NY

Fissure: Fog, SIGNAL, Brooklyn, NY

B(L)RRR, 294 Tenth Ave, New York, NY


Set List, 61 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY

173 E. 94th Street/Chausseé de Waterloo 550,, Middle March, Brussels, BE

Spectrum II (1966-67), Apples, Brooklyn

24 / 7, Monte Carlo, Miami Beach, FL



24 HR w/ Elspeth Walker, TEMP, New York, NY

Check Paintings (NRP @ HG), 3649 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD

Fishing in the Dark, Violets Cafe, Brooklyn, NY

Organized by Elspeth Walker, sophiajacob, Baltimore, MD

Still Lyfe, Current Space, Baltimore, MD


Nikholis Planck curated by Deirdre Smith, sophiajacob, Baltimore, MD (solo)

Baltimore Liste, (Armacost/Planck), the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD


Large Glass Project Space, Towson University, Towson, MD

Disorderly Construct (Armacost/Planck), Open Space, Baltimore, MD

GRAN PRIX*, Greshams Ghost, Baltimore, MD

Alumni, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD

Print Mix, Current Space, Baltimore, MD

the Cave, Damned If You Doom, Small Engine Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Paper Chasers, as Armacost/Planck, Nudashank, Baltimore, MD


Thanks for Sharing! D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Germany

NWAA Group Winter Show, Wilmington, DE

Selected Projects, Performances and Publications


New Recordings 1-15, Self-Published

Reading Series/Round Robin in Fissure:Fog, Signal, Brooklyn, NY

Guest Lecturer @ Portland State University MFA program, Portland


An Active Line, Off-White, NY

The Wonderful & Frightening World of the Fall, w/ Bob Nickas, KARMA, NY

Mild Future, self-published, Middle March, BE

Escape Route performance and publication, Rachel Uffner Gallery, NY

Bushwick Artbook Fair, SIGNAL, Brooklyn, NY

Functions of Drawing, self-published, 61 Greenpoint Ave, NY


“Programming”, Organized by Elspeth Walker, @ the Floristree, Baltimore, MD

Le Roy published by DDMMYY, Auckland, NZ

Drawing Now published by Bronze Age Editions

24 HR (w/ Elspeth K. Walker), 57 Walker St, New York

LA Art Book Fair w/ oso press @ MOCA Geffen, Los Angeles, CA

WEIRD II, Baltimore


Nikholis Planck: 18 x 24, Deirdre Smith, published by sophiajacob

Kingsboro Press issue 8

3rd Annual Publications & Multiple Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, MD

Painful & Secure Mike Kelley/GroW LivE MonsTerS @ the Floristree, Baltimore, MD

Practice Practice Practice; Artist talk @ Floristree, Baltimore, MD

SLATES, OSO Press, Los Angeles, California


Shit Karmas,(Armacost/Planck), Kingsboro Press 2011

2nd Annual Publications & Multiples Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, MD


New York Art Book Fair, PS1, curated by Milano Chow

Palimpsest 02, curated by Danielle St. Amour, Canada

Fanfare published by Medium Rare, Brooklyn, NY

Creative Control, the Baltimore Book Festival

ZINE, Mid-Way III @ ArtScape, Baltimore, MD

MtyMx Festival, Curated by Milano Chow, Monterrey, Mexico



Artforum, Critics’ Picks, April


W Magazine, The Mother of Them All, October

2012, Nikholis Planck at sophiajacob, September


Disorderly Construct, Doreen Bulger,

Disorderly Construct, Andrea Appleton, Baltimore City Paper