Nicole Lesser

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Artist Statement
The figure is omnipresent throughout everything I make. These sculptural garments give the presence of a body, with the absence of the human. The stiff yet ethereal qualities of the tulle alludes to the body although its absence is ghostly. Pink and White Striped Pyjamas gives the eerie presence of a human who wore this uniform, which references back to convicts outfits described by Jean Genet in The Thief’s Journal and loosely on the pyjama’s worn by prisoners of Nazi camps. The pink stripes from this reference continue with Pink Striped Pyjama Dress and Pink and White Striped Hourglass. They are symbolic of a kind of humanity, that of the downtrodden who seek empowerment through subversion.What’s absent in the sculptures is present in the photographs. The person and flesh are revealed and presented to you in all their radical humanness. They represent the bodies and people behind the garments; they are the members of the renegade team who wore these pseudo sports jerseys, tearing them up in their skirmish for identity and recognition. They are studies on the figure, breaking it down to shapes that can be manipulated through dimensionality and enter the next realm of exploration. The frames partly function to designate these pieces in the realm of art while allowing them to exist in a blurry non-genre. They also become an intrinsic structural component allowing the work to seek these new dimensions.



BFA, Photography, Parsons School of Desgin, New York

Solo Exhimbitions


Young Healers: Pubic Hair and Liquor, Off The Hook Gallery, Montreal, QC

Group Exhibitions


Ping Pong, The Power Room, Palais de Tokyo, Paris


Spot Zine, Series One: Issue #2, Niagara, New York, NY

New Art City: Sponsored by DKNY Jeans, The Safari, New York, NY

Ping Pong, Bold LA & Galerie Für Moderne Fotografie, Los Angeles & Berlin


Nudity Today, The Hole Gallery, New York, NY


This Land Was Made for You and Me, Galerie Für Moderne Fotografie, Berlin

The Wild & The Innocent, Clic Gallery, New York, NY

Arts & Sciences Projects: Independent Publications Installation, St. Mark’s Bookshop, New York, NY


Misled Youth, Fourth Wall Project, Boston, MA

Pulpit, AMO Studios, Brooklyn, NY

New York did it to Me (The New York Photo Festival), Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY

Milk Gallery Underground, Milk Gallery, New York, NY

1 OF 3, Youth Group Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Nofound to New Documents, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London, UK

The Show Must Go On, Capricious Art Space, Brooklyn, NY


Milk Underground, Milk Gallery, New York, NY

Barely Legal, Sho Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

QVNOXW//, 86 Forsyth, 5th floor, New York, NY

Mythed Connection, 28 Lawton Street, Brooklyn, NY


The 2009 Vice Magazine Photography Exhibition, Spencer Brownstone, New York, NY

Everything Is Possible: A Polaroid Group Show, Gallery Space 1520, Los Angeles, CA

Artket, Capricious Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

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