Nicolas Miller

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What Is My Work About? 

I’ve finally settled on old ideas. Now, I wonder what we could possibly do with all of them lying around. Lately I look at the world and try to figure out how all these old ideas fit in.


Artist Statement

On my way into art, I passed through science and music in search of old ideas. I hope that these ideas can shed light on our situation, but sometimes this is not straightforward. Sometimes, this is a question of method, but that also is not straightforward. What I do know is that ideas can be found in the objects and experiences around us, and, with ears carefully tuned, we can draw them out into the open. I spend a fair amount of my studio practice doing this; drawing old ideas out through carpentry, sound, internet shopping, performances, reading, etc. When exhibiting art, I am less interested in producing knowledge than in creating an aesthetic experience of understanding, the feeling of knowing. In my few solo exhibitions, I have arranged constellations of sculptures, prints, and ready-mades where the concept is not found at the center of the show, but quietly passing through. Simultaneously, I produce artist’s editions with similar concerns. They flow slowly into the world through the various distribution methods afforded to small, mass-produced objects. In short, I am attempting to deal with the heaping pile of ideas that history has left before us.



2009 CalArts, studies in Music and Art
2008 University of North Texas, B.S. Physics
2014 “Modern Furnishings”, Apothecary Gallery; Chattanooga, TN
2014 “Common Sense”, The Reading Room; Dallas, TX
2013 “sobjects”, Michael Strogoff; Marfa, TX
2012 “Pastoral”, Marfa Book Company; Marfa, TX
2011 “Terminator Redux”, The Locker Plant; Marfa, TX (w/ Jeff Elrod)
2012 “Somewhere in the Fold”, The Popular Workshop; San Francisco, CA
2010 “Action Reflection Action”, Outpost for Contemporary Art; Pasadena, CA
2010 “Do the Birds Know It’s Bad?: Post-Recession Art”; Val Verde, CA

2013 Co-Director, “Michael Strogoff”,; Marfa, TX
2012 Co-Host, “The Talking Show”,
2011 Thought Leader,

2013 “Kimbrough Award”, Dallas Museum of Art; Dallas, TX
2009 “Ahmanson Foundation Scholarship”, CalArts; Valencia, CA

2014 University of Tennessee, Art Department; Chattanooga, TN
2013 “State of the Arts”, Rubin Center for the Visual Arts; El Paso, TX
2013 Dallas Museum of Art; Dallas, TX