Neal Bashor

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What Is My Work About? 

My art practice begins as a basic counterpoint to my own expectations. Rather than coming to sculpture with a clear design that I’ve prepared to execute, I immerse myself in an active dialogue with the materials I feel drawn to. This process inspires future forms, continually raising questions whose answers are revealed over time.

Artist Statement

A device is helpful in the way it effectively changes the way we think about ordinary things. A kitchen sink faucet, with a retractable hose, allows tap water to be contained and redirected.

Water manipulated out of a faucet changes how water is perceived – how it is seen and experienced. Sculpture has the ability to disrupt perceptions of architectural sameness, inherent material purposes and civilized repetition: a squiggle turns upward and levels out over there, a three-dimensional brush stroke is a graphic gesture laid over a natural surface, like thick stage makeup on a clean face.

By forcing thin planks of cedar through a wood steaming process, curved wood remnants are manipulated into unpredictable inquiries. Applying paint adds gesture, following the movements of each board’s form, resulting in shapes removed from their material and positioned to disrupt your expectations, replacing realness with a cartoon verisimilitude.



MFA University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA2000
BFA Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA



“A Soft Almond of a Poetic/ Objects on a Shelf” curated by Mateo Tannatt at 3 Days Awake, Los Angeles, CA
“Stairs Into My Eyes” curated by Dianna Molzan at Finley Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“A Public Fiction at The Hammer Museum/Tragedy + Time at Public Fiction” curated by Lauren Mackler and Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer at The Hammer Museum and Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA
“Rural Sculpture” at Reserve Ames, Los Angeles, CA
“From the Desk of Max Maslansky” Neal Bashor, Sarah Clandening, and John Seal at Tif’s Desk at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“Herbert Charmondele Presents” Neal Bashor and Vernon Price at Pieter Space, Los Angeles, CA
“Collective Show LA” Neal Bashor and Daughters of Warlords curated by Jeff Ono at Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles, CA
“We Have Not Yet Met But…,” Roski MFA Gallery at USC, Los Angeles, CA
“Untitled” Roski MFA Gallery at USC, Los Angeles, CA2005
“Record” Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA
2004“Neal Bashor” Gallery4Culture, Seattle, WA
“Studio Opening” 1506 Projects, Seattle, WA
Artist Trust Gap Grant Recipient, Seattle, WA 2005
4Culture Exhibition Funding, Seattle, WA 2004
Funding by Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs “Human Super Structure” Secluded Alley Works, Seattle, WA 2003