Nancy Baker Cahill



I interpret the human body as a site of ongoing struggle and resistance.

In media including drawing, video, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and original sound, I attempt to isolate moments of exertion, violence, defiance, and stillness—often all at once—in my graphite and digital mark-making. I am equally interested in power dynamics and how they shift, strain and contract. On paper and in virtual space, my process is deeply physical. My hope is that this energy is communicated through the experience of the work.

My move to digital drawing in three dimensions is a natural extension of what began (and continues) on paper. It allows for an empathic and immersive expansion of my ideas as well as the ability to introduce traditional drawing into an uncharted technological arena. This juxtaposition of analog and digital technology in a shared space underscores the idea of tension within one body and the conflict this provokes both formally and emotionally.

My free, AR public art app, 4th Wall, builds on work I have done with underserved communities as a tool of public engagement and social practice. It has allowed me to share my work and studio in 360 degrees, and to collaborate with an unknown group of people all over the world who create new contexts and content by placing my works in the environments of their choosing.

Coordinates, my new, ongoing collaborative public art project found in the app, includes artworks – translated into AR– created by me and by fellow artists working topically and rigorously that activate the historically, politically or culturally significant locations we have chosen. Viewers can only experience the artworks in situ, and consider the works in relation to their respective settings.

Access to art is essential to me. My goal with all of my projects is to offer unexpected perspectives to new audiences that in turn provoke conversation and affect a broader cultural dialogue.


Williams College, B.A. with Honors in Art


○ H​​ ollo w P oin t : N a n c y B a k e r C a hill, ​ Boston CyberArts, January-February  2019, Boston, MA*
○ S u n s e t Digit al Billb o a r d P r oje c t : N a n c y B a k e r C a hill‘ s   V R D r a win g s   Curated by Jessica Rich, January, February, sponsored by IF Innovation  Foundation, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA*
○ H ollo w P oin t / S t r a n g e L a u g h : a n A R / V R / A n alo g E v e n t ​ , LACE (Los  Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Los Angeles, CA
○ C o o r din a t e s ​ , a collaborative, AR public art exhibition via the 4​th​ Wall  app, multiple locations
○ M a nif e s t o s : N a n c y B a k e r C a hill a n d Elis a J o h n s ​ , Ochi Projects, Los  Angeles, CA
○ H ollo w P oin t : a V R E x hibitio n a t B u t c h e r Bir d S t u dio s ​ ,  Presented by Butcher Bird Studios and Arbor Entertainment, featuring  new works by Nancy Baker Cahill, Butcherbird Studios, Los Angeles,  CA*
○ N a n c y B a k e r C a hill: I n t e r r u p tio n s ​ , Moorpark College Art Gallery,  Moorpark, CA*
○ S H E v e nin g : T a n y a A g uiñig a a n d N a n c y B a k e r C a hill ​ , MERRYSPACE,  Culver City, CA
○ N a n c y B a k e r C a hill a n d Y u v al P u dik : N e w D r a win g s ​ , Vibiana, Los  Angeles, CA
○ N a n c y B a k e r C a hill: F a s cin o m a s ​ , The Pasadena Museum of California  Art (catalogue)*
○ C o pin g M e c h a nis m s : A T w o – P e r s o n E x hibitio n , ​  Tinlark Gallery,  Hollywood, CA    *=solo exhibition

● 2019   ○ D e s e r t X​ , ​​Palm Springs, CA

● 2018
○ S u p e r R a dia n c e , ​ Curated by Laura Darling and Selwa Sweidan, The  Nook Gallery, Inglewood, CA, November  ○ C o o r din a t e s ​ , a collaborative, AR public art exhibition via the 4​th​ Wall  app
○ C I T Y U N S E E N ​ , A New [AR]t Experience, Snap! Orlando, Orlando, FL  November 2018
○ A M a t t e r o f P u blic R e c o r d ​ : Art in the Age of Mass Surveillance, Durden  and Ray, Los Angeles, September 2018, travels to Fine Art Complex  1101 in Tempe, AZ, December
○ s p [ a ] tial r e alit y : A r tis t s E x plo r e t h e F u t u r e o f X R ​ , ​​sp[a]ce gallery,  Pasadena, CA, October
○ M A N I F E S T O : A M o d e s t P r o p o s al ​ , Pitzer College Art Galleries,  Claremont, CA (January) Curated by Ciara Ennis and Jennifer  Vanderpool January 20 – March 29
○ T h e Illu sio n o f C o n t r ol ​ , La Sierra University’s Brandstater Gallery,  Riverside, CA, Curated by Camilla Taylor, January-February  ● 2017   ○ I C A L A V R B B Q ​ , Butcherbird Studios, Los Angeles, CA
○ E L E M E N T A L/ M a r kin g Tim e ​ , Curated by John O’ Brien, Sturt Haaga  Gallery, La Cañada Flintridge, CA, August
○ T h e L a n g u a g e o f P e r p e t u al C o n ditio n s ​ , Curated by Brandon Hudson,  Fine Arts Gallery, CSULA, Los Angeles, CA
○ G alle r y T ally ​ , Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE),  Hollywood, CA, March
○ G alle r y T ally ​ , Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico,  December 10, 2015 –January 10th  ○ LACE Happening (benefit exhibition), Hollywood, CA
○ Fresh stART, (benefit exhibition), Santa Monica, CA  ● 2015
○ T h e D r a win g S h o w ​ , Curated by Betty Brown, The Loft at Liz’s, Los  Angeles, CA  ○ F o r g e t tin g t h e F u t u r e : E n t r o p y in t h e R e fle c tiv e A g e ​ , Torrance Art  Museum (catalogue), Torrance, CA
○ E y e w all​ , The Bottom Line (web video gallery), The Drawing Center,  New York, NY  ○ S tic k a n d S t o n e s ​ , Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA
○ R o o m s t o L e t ​ , Temporary installation in vacant house, Slavic Village,  Cleveland, OH
○ T h e Sit u a tio n R o o m , I n a u g u r al Vid e o S c r e e nin g o f 5 0 F e minis t A r tis t s ​ ,  Eagle Rock, CA
○ Gallery T ally ​ Project exhibitions: Looking Forward/Looking Back, New  Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM and Gallery Tally, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
○ M a y C o n t ain E x plicit I m a g e r y ; N a n c y B a k e r C a hill, Kiki S e r o r a n d J o h n   W e s t o n​ , Curated by Tucker Neel, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  (catalogue)
○ T e m p o r a r y in s t alla tio n ​ , ​ F a s cin o m a s ​ , Curated by Merry Norris at the  Andaz Hotel, West Hollywood, CA
○ Mia mi P r oje c t A r t F air ​ , Miami, FL, Blythe Projects
○ M o n s t e r D r a win g R ally , ​ The Armory, Pasadena, CA
○ E xit W o u n d s ​ , Works from Nancy Baker Cahill’s Collaborative Art  Workshop at Homeboy Industries, Hi-Lite Project Space, Los Angeles,  CA
○ F olk A r t E v e r y w h e r e ​ , Craft and Folk Museum, Los Angeles, CA.  Rotating exhibition at the Levantine Cultural Center featuring works  from the Exit Wounds Project
○ U nle a s h t h e B e a s t ​ , Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
○ T his is M y E d u c a tio n ​ , Art in General Gallery, New York, NY
○ F olk A r t E v e r y w h e r e ​ , Craft and Folk Museum, Los Angeles, CA,  rotating exhibition at the Levantine Cultural Center featuring works  from the Exit Wounds Project
○ P a p e r I n M o tio n : Ria n B r o w n O r s o , N a n c y B a k e r C a hill a n d Nin a   S a r n elle​ , Morgan Paper Conservatory, Cleveland, OH
○ G alle r y A r tis t s , ​  Altitude Gallery, Bozeman, MT
○ Dis c o v e r e d / U n dis c o v e r e d , ​ Curated by Michael and Sirje Gold,  University Art Museum, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
○ A nim al M a g n e tis m ​ , Orange County Center for Contemporary Art,  Orange County, CA (catalogue)
○ J u rie d L o s A n g ele s E x hibitio n , ​  Los Angeles, CA
○ G alle r y A r tis t s ​ , Altitude Gallery, Bozeman, MT
○ M o n s t e r D r a win g R ally ​ , Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles,  CA
○ M o n s t e r D r a win g R ally ​ , Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles,  CA
○ Min d F ull: A G r o u p S h o w ​ , Tinlark Gallery, Hollywood CA

Peripheral Vision Arts Publication Fellowship, 2016
Herradura Art Competition, Los Angeles 2nd Place 2014
CCI Creative Capacity Fund Grant 2012, 2016
ARC Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation 2011


Nancy Baker Cahill, “Barbara Hashimoto’s Books,” ​ C e r a mic A r t a n d P e r c e p tio n , ​ no.  40 (2000)


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○ C o o r din a t e s ​ : a ​ C olla b o r a tiv e , ​ ​ A R P u blic A r t E x hibitio n ​ via the 4​th​ Wall  app (Ongoing, Global)
○ D e finin g Lin e ​ : an AR Public Art Exhibition Along the LA River, Los  Angeles, CA (October)


2017 Joined the Advisory Board of Fulcrum Arts
2016 Joined the Board of Directors at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions  (LACE), Currently Vice Chair
2015 Designed and led a collage workshop with homeless individuals at Ascencia  under the aegis of the Craft and Folk Art Museum.  Joined as active member of the Pasadena Art Alliance
2013 Guest Curator, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, (LACE) benefit  “Happening”
2012 Co-curated with Merry Norris, Imagine LA: “An Evening With A Point of View”  which benefitted homeless families living in Los Angeles
2010-2012 Initiated and led a collaborative art project at Homeboy Industries  called “Exit Wounds.” Works from this project were exhibited throughout Los  Angeles as part of the Craft and Folk Art Museum’s “Folk Art Everywhere”  program through 2013
2006 – 2011 Served on the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency’s Public  Art Advisory Board  2001- 2008 Helped found and co-curated (with Cris Mccall, Tiffiny Lendrum, and  Ashley Emmenegger) fresh stART, an annual benefit exhibition that funds art  therapy programs for at-risk children in Los Angeles

Boston CyberArts, Artist Lecture, January 2019
Speaker/Fellow, Influx Mixed Reality Lab, December 1
Speaker, Spatial Reality, sp[a]ce gallery, October 25
TedX Pasadena, ​“Increasing Dialogue Through Drawing: Using  Augmented Reality (AR) as a Tool to Create Equity and Access”  September 22
Speaker, USC Film School, October 15
Speaker, CSUN Art Department, October 11
Girls Who Code, Glendale, CA, July 18
A.W.E. USA 2018 Conference: Speaker, Santa Clara, CA, June 1, 2018
Interview on Facebook Live with Jonathan T.D. Neil, Sotheby’s  Institute, March 20, 2018
Women in Leadership Forum; ​ W o m e n in A r t a n d T e c h n olo g y ​ ,  sponsored by Sotheby’s Institute and Claremont Graduate University,  May 8, 2018
Lecture, Chapman University Art Dept., April 25th, 2018
Visiting Artist Workshop, Integrated Media Dept., Cal Arts, January,  February
ICA LA VR BBQ, Discussion with Reggie Watts, Butcherbird Studios,  Los Angeles, CA
#whitemirror VR hack-a-thon, OnceUponaFuture ​ t hin k t a n k​ , Marina  Del Rey, CA
Interruptions, Moorpark College, CA Lecture
The Drawing Show, Loft at Liz’s, CA Panel discussion
May Contain Explicit Imagery, CB1 Gallery, CA ​ P a n el discussion


Figueroa Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles  W Hotel, Hollywood  Featured on Season 3  (2010-2011) of “In Treatment,” HBO Films  Redbird, Los Angeles  BLD, Los Angeles

● T h e N o P r o s c e niu m P o d c a s t ( u p c o min g )
● T h e A V Lif e ​ (January 2019)  |
● S t a t e o f t h e A r t , ​ with host Ethan Appleby (May 17, 2018)
● W h a t A r tis t s Lis t e n T o ​ , with host Pia Pack (July 2018)
● B o o kis h wit h S o n y a W alg e r ​ , Season 2 (May 28, 2018)
● F e minis t C r u s h ​ , with host Kitty Lindsay (February 10, 2017)