Monica Mirabile

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Artist Statement

The brainstem controls primal instincts and senses danger before the prefrontal cortex can tell you what that danger is. When this happens, your body releases a stress hormone that prepares you to confront whatever danger is approaching. My performances being aggressive, channel changing dance narratives, explore and play with the semiotics of culture as I work with the choreography of danger, consumption and control.

Primarily working in collaboration with Sigrid Lauren under the name Fluct, my work is about how we process this information together. Shopping, technological anxiety,familial structures, and pop media are the systems of control that infiltrate our social climate without consent and create the culture we absorb. Often with a psyche-political punch line, these performances and installations dive deeply into the unseen and insidious transmissions that go on everyday.

Authority Figure, my most ambitious work to date, took place throughout the entirety of the Knockdown Center, a 50,000 square foot space in Queens. Conceptually rooted in the daily struggles we face with authority and obedience, the piece gave the audience the impression that they were the minority relative to the 150 performers. As the audience walked through a series of choreographed vignettes simulating abstract semiotic interactions, it became clear that we are all performing power.

In encouraging the processing of information through the analysis and composition of movement, I codify unconscious actions and behaviors and then show them back to both audience and performer. In “Alienated Labor,” a hologram video installation about motherhood, the observer can see Fluct physically narrating a scene depending on where you choose to stand in the room. In “A Ghost Story,” an ongoing psychological thriller about my upbringing, the audience walks through the performance, sometimes appearing to become the family as they react to each other in domestic space.

Through engaging in social spheres of large scale immersive movement, we are able to deeply understand its power and this becomes the physical language to subvert authority, control, power, and the obedience that embodies our daily lives.



 Interdisciplinary Sculpture, Maryland Institute College of Art


Upward Facing Control Table Tops, at Lever House, Commission by Performa & Studio 94, NY, NY
Alienated Labor, Without a Body at Andrea Rosen ll, New York, NY
The Egg Harbor Files, Zona Maco, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, MX
A Ghost Story 3, Atlas Obscura at the Roger Smith Hotel, NY, NY
The Way & the Body in collaboration with Raul De Nieves, ICA, Philadelphia, PA
Flip-A-Double-Trip, Ryan McNamara presents Back to School, MoMa PS1, Long Island City, NY
Pupture with SOPHIE, New Museum, NY, NY
Culture is not your Friend, Platform Gallery, Baltimore, MD
SissyJokerLaPieta – Coming to Power,  Maccarone Gallery, NY, NY
A Ghost Story 2, Metro Pictures Project Space, NY, NY
The Egg Harbor Files, Bend and Hold at VisArts Museum, Rockville, MD
Fluct’s Agape at Sustain Release, Monticello, NY
Authority Figure, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY
B.A.S.I.C, Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Fluct’s Agape, Current Sessions at Spring Break Art Fair, New York, NY
Abandon Pharmacy, Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL
A Ghost Story, SIGNAL, Brooklyn, NY
B.A.S.I.C, Pioneer Works, Red Hook, NY
Model Home, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
Strict Governing Hands x Miami, Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL
Hardening, The Lighting Studio, NY, NY
Control Top, The Queens Museum, Queens, NY
Fire in the Head, Otion Front Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Real Estates, Yoga Center at Antagon Art Event, Titanik-Galleria, Turku, Finland
Untitled for Eternity Pains, School of Visual Arts, New York
Transvalue – Appraisal of Social Bodies, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, Brooklyn, NY
This Saint Your City, SOHO20, Chelsea, NY
Organization of Organism, Moves Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Solar Solipsis, Penthouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Rooms Play, Whole Gallery & Current Gallery, Baltimore MD
The Queens Game, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore MD

2015– Mana Contemporary Residence, Jersey City, NJ – 2015


2017 – Alienated Labor – Acquired into The Whitney Museum of Art’s permanent collection
2011- Baker Artist Award B- GRANT, Baltimore Museum of Art
2011- Best Stage Production 2011, Rooms Play- Baltimore City Paper


La Vie en Vaped Rosé
Brooklyn 100
Massive Choreography of Obedient Relationships Figure
A Mysterious Performance Art Show, Where the Audience Plays Along
Logical Hysteria, Art Review Magazine [Print]The Future is FlucT Talk The Body Politic Authority, Internet Culture, & Agency Ahead of “Authority Figure’
Mask Magazine Ghost Story Interview Model Home Editorial for Topical Cream a Modern Brooklyn Dollhouse Ibsen Would Be Proud Of Boundaries with FlucT
Strict Governing Hands
Interview for Foo Fest 2014 Fishbowl FlucT Becomes the Sun – in Live Dance

2013 – Present – Otion Front Studio – Artist-run performance art Studio, Founder & Director2017- Present – Secret Project Robot – Gallery & Bar, Part Owner