Mirland Terlonge

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Artist Statement

I made a series of works that tamper with perspectives and realities. Performance brings light to the indifference of the public, and I use it blur the lines between victim and perpetrator. I use my body in space to direct attention to my social environment. In sculpture, I employ the natural process of deflating balloons to express both hope and tragedy with the work entitled Strange Fruit. Similarly, in photography The Wait, describes companionship and intimacy amidst tragedy. My sound work reveals complicated views and provides the intimacy of listening. Finally, through painting and drawing I work rigorously to visualize, and record the emotions of the Black bag performance. More recent, paintings are a response to what poured ink does naturally, similar to inkblot tests I consider them a personal assessment of my emotional functioning and thought process. All works are made for discourse with the optimism that by creating empathy and understanding favorable solutions will occur.

I work in variety, so that I maybe as present as these contemporary issues are in the culture. I interact with the public to show them who we are. I expose things overlooked, things perhaps the public is unaware of. My work often makes my audience uncomfortable, and there is honesty in that discomfort that I believe can catalyze change.

The big questions for me are:

What is it that we have been conditioned to see? Why? What will that mean for what we know about ourselves if so much about us has already been assumed?

My process begins with urgently wanting answers and posing questions. The circumstances are often far too complex for any one solution, so my practice is an investigation of the nuances, complications, and the desire for solutions.





2015 MFA Painting and Drawing, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY (expected May 2015)

2013 BFA Painting, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Minor, Business Administration


Apr 2015 Between Dream States (Masters Thesis Exhibition), Brooklyn, NY, Steuben Gallery

Apr 2013 Crown and Glory (Senior Thesis Exhibition), Gainesville, FL, The Doris Gallery


Apr 2015 Signs of Life, The Boiler Room , Brooklyn, NY, (Curated by: Sara Reisman)

Apr 2015 New Work|New York, 695 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY (Curated by: Kat Griefen)

Feb 2015 The Artist as Provocateur: Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute Pratt, Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Curated by Greta Hartenstein, Curatorial Assistant for Performance at Whitney Museum)

Jan 2015 Respond, Smack Mellon Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Sept 2014 Gifted Creators- HEOP Community Exhibition, Steuben Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Feb 2014 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership’s Black Artstory Month, Art Walk Brooklyn, NY

June 2013 Miami Art Walk, Jakmel Gallery, Wynwood, FL

Mar 2013 Hors dervours, WARPhaus Gallery, Gainesville, FL

Nov 2012 Convergence Space, Art Bash, Gainesville, FL

Mar 2012 MCDA art show: True Colors, La Casita, Gainesville, FL

Mar 2012 University of Florida Juried Show, University Gallery, Gainesville, FL

Dec 2011 I Am, J. Wayne Reitz Union “the gallery”, Gainesville, FL


2014 Black bag, Brooklyn, NY (Performance documented by: artist, Aaron Nininger)

2014 Untitled, Brooklyn, NY (Performance in collaboration with artists, Michael Levin and Jx Marie Wilkins, documented by: Roman Kalinovski,


Spring 2015 Teaching Assistant, Pratt Institute, sophomore & junior level drawing

Spring 2014-2015 Teacher, Connections, a 5 week leadership development course

Fall 2013 Teacher, Inspire Leadership Retreat, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY


2014 Facilitated, prepared, and chaperoned Pratt students for The Millions March NYC

2012-13 Member, Umoja Initiative Catalyze the development of an African American Studies Major at the University of Florida. Refined student code of conducts definition of hate speech.

2011-13 Mentor, Gator Teens Program, Eastside High school, Gainesville, FL

2011-13 Feeding the Homeless, St. Francis House, Gainesville, FL


2014 Weiss Endowed Scholarship Award

2013 Pratt Merit Scholarship Award

2009 Bright Futures Scholarship Award