Meital Yaniv

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Artist Statement

Israel: my home, my friend, my chaperone, my guide, my heart.

Israel: my exile, my other, my boundary, myopia, my shadow.

French playwright and philosopher Hélène Cixous wrote: “borders are invisible lines that stir up war, they are as incredible as unicorns.”  Borders, as imaginary entities, create gaps in perception; they shape our vision and divide our knowledge. The land that is on our side is familiar; it belongs to us; we know the history of its sacrifice and preservation.  The other side is invisible, living behind a web of denial that functions as a mirror rather than a window pane, revealing only ourselves. The nation state survives through this blindness; it teaches a language of self-defense through the repetition of trauma.

My practice is built on a visual dialogue that bridges the personal and political conditions at the core of my origin. I aim to conceive alternative practices for re-experiencing traumatic events through mirroring the other. Using the sociological and psychological concept of “edgework,” voluntary risk-taking across cultural boundaries, I explore selective blindness as not only a choice but a necessary means of survival.

I believe the roots of transformation lie in one’s ability to recognize how an entity has been shaped and reinforced by language. I was a brainwashed subject / I am a brainwashed subject. Identifying our ignorance within our internal structures will lead, I hope, to more honest exchanges; where one can reflect and absorb a shadow at the exact same time.


Born 1984, Tel-Aviv
Lives and works in Los Angeles


MFA, Photography & Media, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA

BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

Selected Shows and Performances

third space, Siphonophore Collective, Last Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Black Gold, Pøst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Mushroom Burial, Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA


Motion Tracking, Cirrus Gallery & Hyperhyper, Los Angeles, CA
how big can a desk be?, D301 Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA


F to the power of 3, D301 Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA
You came for us We are going for us, D300 Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA
Remember when I told you war starts in summer, Project Flower, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Project Flower Performance, Shulamit Gallery, Venice, CA
Interior Forest, For Your Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Clothesline Project, Main Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA
They Broke The Mold When They Made Her, Lshape Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, CA


The Tiger The Object and The Ball, Bezalel senior exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel

Grants, Awards and Residencies

Craftswoman House, Correspondence, The Pop-Hop, Los Angeles, CA

CalArts Photography & Media Bartman Grant, Valencia, CA
CalArts Scholarship, Valencia, CA

The Revenge of the Pineapple, Interior Forest Residency, Mains D’oeuvres, Saint-Quen, France
Come on and Draw, Interior Forest Residency, 18street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA
CalArts Student Council Project Grant, Valencia, CA
CalArts Scholarship, Valencia, CA
Public Talks , Workshops and Readings


The only reason I’m putting my hand on you is cause you have no arm rests, in collaboration with David Bell, Los Angeles, CA
I Still Get Dressed Thinking You Will Undress me, in collaboration with David Bell, Los Angeles, CA


Guest Artist workshop at Citrus Community College


Feminism Today: Conversation Series, Da Vinci Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Project Flower, 18street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA