Matthew Stone

Close to the surface but not yet emergent My work deals with complex issues of abstraction, sensitive form work (bordering on the synesthetic) and the relation between humanity, cultural artifacts and time.

Complex and direct Juxtapositions, caricaturize my work. Simple shapes repeated and mirrored iterate into a totem, a banana is sliced apart into components and carefully rebuilt into an anthropomorphic form. Wet concrete kisses through a spandex fish net.

The simple rules of form and composition are more, they are metaphors for life and monuments to the trivial fleeting sweetness and comical struggles of our existent.

The in and out of life, nothing pushes out that does not leave a depression behind, nothing sucks in but its content bulges out somewhere else.

My objects are deliberately worn and show both vibrant color and age.   They are crystallizations of lost and spent time. They look as if they were carved by the hands of a clock shedding moments into the past. Revealing the present moment with flamboyant flash but also pathos of permanent loss.

Although the content of my work may seem abstract, I see abstraction as part of the base code of life, and one of the most powerful attributes of the human mind.  Our reality is an abstraction built on top of primitives we are still struggling to understand.