Marty Schnapf

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Artist Statement

In all of my work, I investigate the phenomenological relationships of individuals with themselves and with what they perceive to be outside of themselves.

The Lineament drawings are each created from start to finish without pause, in an impossible attempt at willful release as I seek to surrender my hand to the appearance of preternatural visages.

Sculpture Drawing Sculpture, an installation comprised of burnt wood beams, traces its path through the Property Gallery. Two-dimensional drawings become three-dimensional sculptures while viewers navigate a work designed to obstruct their movement.

I like to play with how work translates differently to different viewers in different contexts. 

Currently in Chinatown, the multimedia piece Coquet Quiet displays the soft focus video of a local storeowner repeatedly mouthing the words, “I love you” in Cantonese while programmed LEDs “blush” on either side. This is intended as a purely generous work, the generosity of which is concealed from most tourists but apparent to the local population.

I work to challenge habitual ways of experiencing art by bringing together seemingly incompatible forms of expression- attraction and repulsion, exposure and veil, chaos and control.

Next year I will exhibit monumental paintings and bronze sculptures that explore human encounters with the uncanny. These works, though static, enfold lessons gleaned from time-based mediums and foreshadow my upcoming work.

Premonition, still in development, will be a performative installation wherein sculptures occupy a labyrinthine discotheque. Each work will represent a counter-cultural club-goer faced with the revelation of his or her own abject materiality.