Marcus Perez

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What Is My Work About? 

My work is about literal and physical issues (in my work I scrape, press, push, peel, pour, cover, stick, cut and stretch) creating a language for addressing questions concerning time, labor, and fiction, and the place of accountability within desire.
My work is about abstraction as convention, its place in culture, which continues as a respite from the familiarity of depiction, a break from the tangibility of narrative. Within this convention is the problem of representation contra abstraction, (or, put more verbosely) the configuration of the logistical versus the affective qualia within one?s exploration of an image.

Artist Statement

Once I found a lizard skin wallet and instantly hated it.

It was tacky. I wondered if I could learn to love it.
And instantly, I did.

There is no pure abstraction; abstraction is never an endpoint. Moving through the literal is as present in the structures of abstraction as the paint itself.

Paint is an adhesive.

How to keep from falling?

Linen, a conventional luxury.

Underneath any impression is a conversation; upending the relationship between structure and image. When paint enacts a function, beyond the surface, it becomes an investigation into the trust relationship between audience and artist. The thing being offered as worthy of being viewed. The triangulation of belief of the viewer, the artist’s offering, and the piece itself.

The paint under duress, its gestures, a prop against gravity.





University of California, Irvine:  Studio Art M.F.A. Candidate


UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, B.A. Area (s) of Specialization: Painting and Drawing




Mirrored Collections 2126 Jefferson, Los Angeles, CA

Not-Knowing Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Public Offerings: 20/20 Autonomie Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


MAS: ATTACK (Mutual Appreciation Society) at LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA

Paradox Maintenance Technicians: Annual contemporary painting survey Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA


_________ A ROMANTIC MEASURE. Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

You Do This To Me I Do This To You Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA


Speculative Materialism II AC Projects, Pomona, CA

Nothing Comes From Nothing La Cienega Projects, Culver city, CA

Where Do We Come From What Are We Doing Where Are We Going University Art Gallery, University of California, Irvine, CA

Speculative Materialism D-block Projects, Long Beach, CA


Ground Control, University Art Gallery University of California, Irvine, CA

Action (Un)Packed: Abstraction After Action Commonspace, Los Angeles, CA