2013 Artist Community Engagement Grantees in Los Angeles

Formerly the YoYoYo Grant

Claire Baker, Watch Marks Move
A one-minute film on her artistic practice to share in lieu of a studio visit, allowing her to inform the public about her work. The grant covered the complete costs of camera rental and production costs.

Alika Cooper, The Moon on the Porch
A two-part screening series at Los Angeles’ Night Gallery, featuring the films of Marjorie Keller (1950-1994), a feminist filmmaker whose subject matter included childbirth, parenting, the female experience, and adolescence.  The screenings offer an important resource to other artists looking to themes of embodiment, representation of female bodies, and avante garde video history/techniques. The grant covered the costs for production and promotion of the event.

Devin Ferrand and Ariel Herwitz, USNormandy Exchange Kiln Project
A commission to travel to and build a ceramic kiln in Normandy, France, to be used by American soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The ceramics workshop is part of the larger art therapy program established by the Patton Foundation to help army veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD. This grant paid for travel to Normandy, France to carry out the project.

Victoria Fu, Lorem Ipsum
A special exhibition collaboration between the artist and colleague Kellie Lanham, that acts to bridge the gap between artist and curator in a form of an experimental curatorial laboratory open to the public. This exhibition and proceeding publication will examine the unsettling cultural and psychological spaces the work opens up in the viewer and the aesthetic formulas that allow the virtual world to seep into and change human experience. This grant paid for printing, website design and essay commission for accompanying publication.

Becky Kolsrud, The Habit of Being
Two artists place ads to be English tutors in bakeries, one in Paris, one in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in LA, setting up a website archive of letters and exchanges of the experiences between the two artists. The grant covered costs for travel to Paris, tutoring subsidization, and stationary and postage for correspondence.

John Mills, Including, but not Limited To…
A proposal for a group exhibition of LA-based artists who consciously explore linguistic or text-based elements in their work. The grant covered writer’s fees for catalogue essay, and other related publication fees.

Simone Montemurno, No. 2024
The production of a vinyl record as a distilled representation between the artist and her neighbor. Compositions by Byron Westbrook, inspired by artist’s heavy-metal loving neighbor, give the listener a sense of eavesdropping. The grant paid for the production of vinyl records that could be given away, traded, and circulated amidst the community, in order to cultivate the sharing of this experience.

Amir Nikravan, Critical Text
Publication focused on the artist’s fall solo exhibition at Various Small Fires, addressing lack of thoughtful writing about emerging artists shows, leading to ongoing effort to document other emerging artist’s work. The grant went to writer honorariums and publication costs.

Sara Rara, On Fire!
A screening of a series of films, both experimental and found footage, that deal with images of fire, held on the hottest day of the year. Pertaining especially to the fire-ridden Southern California, the series ponders the difference between fighting fire and guiding it. The grant covered costs for renting 16mm films, borrow video work and pay fees to participating artists and musicians.

Matt Siegle, Metro P.C.S.
Start up of a new project space, Metro PCS, with the intention for it to remain an artist-run gallery, rather than become commercial or non-profit. The goal is to allow the space to remain a space for experimentation in art and provide a venue for artist’s lectures, performance, and discussion. This grant covered start up costs for the gallery’s first 6 months of operation.

Peter Wu and Dorit Cypis, Can ‘i’ be Dropped from History Panel Discussion
A panel discussion between the two artists about their new film collaboration, with a chosen moderator, to coincide with the show “Folding Timerhymes” at Greene Exhibitions. The grant covered research and production for the event, as well as an honorarium to the artists and moderator.