Kristin Dickson-Okuda

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Artist Statement

The ongoing focus of my work centers on the expressive potential of clothing. It is created under the name Rowena Sartin (a family name abstraction) and each collection is formed as an ongoing sequence. To connect the ideas of utility and feeling, I consider the following points as guides to my process: how to invent new manipulations of a geometric shape, how to re-imagine a functional object as a garment, how to combine materials to highlight their function, how to use repetition as a point of influence, how to make a garment instructive and how to make a garment interpretive and personal. My philosophy of production explores the alternatives to mass production focusing on collaborations with individual seamstresses.

Documenting the garments is an additional component to the communication in the work. The collections are photographed to illustrate design objectives and to highlight the specific concepts and functions of the garments. When photographing on a body I prefer to show the clothing on people related to my work surroundings, people who can demonstrate the clothing in use within a personal vernacular and in combination with their existing clothing.

Simultaneous to my collections, I host a space called IKO IKO. IKO IKO provides a context for my work, the place where I can create experience and engagement. Innovating and inverting standard methods of display and arrangement allows the space to exist as multi-purpose—an open studio, showroom and event space in the various locations it has occupied since 2009.