Kevin Reinhardt

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Artist Statement
I like to play with space, but not in the literal sense of heavy-handed manipulation, cause that’s just architecture. Subtly within spaces and spaces within subtly are much more ripe, taking advantage of and affecting already existing architecture. The work, within itself, holds dimensional qualities, both spatial and temporal. Size/materiality/subject matter all broach scalar familiarity, while from greater distances overarching spatial sway comes into effect. The potential for subtle spatial grandeur or grand spatial subtly is ubiquitous.

The use and interaction of materials is opportunity for atypical combination and hot resolution. Materials embrace at every step. Devices, forms, tools all contribute in process, figuratively burying and literally imprinting themselves into the work. When I arrange wet clay I can already see how its shape will change as it dries. When I paint on fired ceramic pieces I can see the hardness of the surface wearing away the bristles of my brush.

I don’t like to refer to the things i make as a “body of work” because I don’t think that’s what it is. Wine has body, these are more of a community. There are individuals, couples, families, there’s a mayor, etc. All stand on their own, but also all benefit from one another’s proximity. They make sense together, like when seen at the grocery store or at work, but they also live their own lives when they go home at night.

A lot of times my work feels like a soliloquy, but I think that’s okay.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
BArch in school of Architecture, minor in Roski School of Fine Arts sculpture
magna cum laude

USC Faculty Award for Excellence in Design (given for best final degree project)
USC Studio Design Award (design excellence throughout the five-year professional degree with the highest design G.P.A.)
Finalist: Robert Allen Rogaff Award for Excellence in Delineation
USC Renaissance Scholar Designation
USC Discovery Scholar Prize Recipient (1 of 10 prizes given university wide) 
USC Provost Research Fellowship Recipient | spring/summer
USC Provost Research Fellowship Recipient | summer/fall

Selected Showing
Harborview and Pole, Millard Sheets Art Center at LA County Fair
LA Biennale di Vista del Oro, San Pedro, @yardpedro
Kevin Reinhardt- Mike Rubin- Mateo Tannatt, Grice Bench, Los Angeles, California
In Office,, online
First grade pyramid, GUS fine art, Redondo beach, California
Crushed porcelain cup, yard pedro, Instagram @yardpedro