Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy Yanko is a sculptor whose practice is built upon a paradox. Her work addresses how human perception and societal expectation are often in conflict with each other. When constructing her work, Yanko relies upon intuitive systems, which involve various physically rigorous methods. Her current work explores human relationships to industrial material—to substances derived from organic compounds. This investigation questions human ties between internal and manufactured worlds.

Yanko pulls metal and scrap marble from salvage yards, rerouting and renewing the discarded materials’ life cycles. These objects are viewed as osmotic, moving away from the realm of man-made, returning to an existence where their compositions may be redefined. Yanko employs a call-and-response between the visible histories of these objects and her body’s ability to reposition the materials anew. Her sculptural work challenges the objects’ given identities through the process of re-contextualization, changing the way they present to the world. Yanko aims to undo societies’ imposed associations with the salvaged material by manipulating their presences and changing the platforms by which they are received and perceived.

The artist’s expressive movement is integral to the creation of the paint skins, and directly relates to how the fluid medium disperses. Color is treated as a material as the liquid paint is poured and pigments combine. Responding to Yanko’s other elements, the malleable skins are folded and arranged to alter the existing structure. The married metal and skin create a polyphonic discourse emphasizing a synergetic material connection. This visceral interaction with paint has inspired Yanko to meaningfully combine other materials into her practice, and has prompted her to delve into metal-based work.


b. 1988, St. Louis, MO


2009 San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA

Solo Exhibitions

September 7
Leyendecker Galeria, Tenerife, Canary Islands

2013 Alchemy in Silent Spaces
Idiosyncrasy Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Permutations
The Paragon Theater, St. Louis, MO

2010 Paroxysm
Art Monster, St. Louis, MO

2009 Wu-Wei
Abstrakt Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2008 The Nash Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

Group Exhibitions

2018 THe Barn
Johannes Vogt Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

2018 Alchemy
BRIC Arts Media
Brooklyn, NY

2018 Senses and Perceptions
MANA Contemporary
Jersey City, NJ

2018 The Aesthetics of Matter
New York, NY

2018 Out of Line
Long Gallery
Harlem, NY

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair
Miami, FL

2017 Hidden in Plain Sight
Jenkins Johnson Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

2016 FamArt
New York, NY

2015 Superfine Art Fair
Art Basel, Miami, FL

2015 AART
Joseph Gross Gallery
New York, NY

2014 IKanDoDat
Rush Art Galleries
New York, NY

2014 Art Now
Poppington Gallery
New York, NY

2014 A Curious Cast of Characters
New York, NY

2012 SELECT Art Fair
Art Basel, Miami, FL


Lux Art Institute
Lux Art Institute
Encinitas, CA

Tenerife, Canary Islands
Artist Residency, Galeria Leyendecker
Tenerife, Canary

Artist Residency,Fountainhead
Miami, FL

Artist Residency, Florida International University
Miami, FL

Artist Residency, Idiosyncrasy Gallery
New York, NY

Artist Residency, Atlantic Center of the Arts
New Smyrna Beach, FL

2009 – 2012
Resident Performer, The Living Theatre
New York, NY



The Living Theater
New York, NY

2012 Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism
2011 History of the World
2010 Korach
2009 Red Noir


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