Keith Varadi

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What Is My Work About? 

Anecdotes of antidotes; i.e. temporary pain relief. Basketballs dribbling like saliva from an addict?s mouth. Cars hugging other cars on state highways. Dead skin in the summer sun. Eradicating misguided antagonism. Freedom, according to America. Gangsterism in the biblical sense. Hope as a four-letter word. Ignorance, excavated. Jason as a form of premeditated nostalgia. Keith as a form of humble narcissism. Luxury as a form of anarchy. Man, anarchism is depressing. No, depression is anarchic. Oh my god, I am so ignorant. Quixotic is an overused word, or at least in most instances. Really, Kafkaesque is probably the most overused word among my peer group. Sifting through ethical quarries. Trying to take a stand. Universal codes do not exist. Varadi is a castle; no, it?s a hologram. Weathered internal compass. X-acto knives slicing particles, deaf and blind. You don?t have to do this anymore. Zero is just an infinite link.

Artist Statement

A good painting
is a dirty joke,
only the willing
can remember.

A good photograph
is the summary
of a skewed reality,
momentarily paused.

A good sculpture
is the detritus
of a forced stance,
standing still for you.

A good exposition
is the accumulation
of thoughts scraping
the sides of everything.



Born in Pittsburgh, PA 1985
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


MFA Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
BFA Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


“Nu Haiku,” Smart Objects, Los Angeles, CA
“Reader’s Digest,” Sébastien Ricou, Brussels, Belgium
“Bear In Mind,” Welcome Screen, London, United Kingdom
“Maurice,” David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX
“Live Attitude,” Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA
“Cloak Wheel,” Public Space One, Iowa City, IA


“Lifetime Personal Fantasies, LLC,” Beefhaus, Dallas, TX (with Michael Kennedy Costa)
“there,” Hudson D. Walker Gallery, Provincetown, MA (with Maria Walker)
“Gin & Tonic,” The Joanna, Houston, TX (with Michael Kennedy Costa)


Picture Menu (with Michael Kennedy Costa & Rachel LaBine)
Picture Menu (with Michael Kennedy Costa)


“The Go-Between,” National Museum of Capodimonte, Naples, Italy
“LinkedIn Park,” CuatroH, Brooklyn, NY
“ARENA SHOWCASE,” HAW Contemporary, Kansas City, MO
“Petrella’s Imports presents Mental Furniture,” Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“POST,” ITP Space, Jackson, WY (with Picture Menu)
“Leaning Steeples,” SHOW ROOM, Brooklyn, NY
“SHOWROOM,” Ricou Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“Final Frontier,” Washington College, Chestertown, MD (with Picture Menu)
“For Your Eyes Only,” Annarumma, Naples, Italy

“Shrink It Pink It,” Cathouse FUNeral, Brooklyn, NY
“Split Seven,” Fowler Project Space, Brooklyn, NY

“Side Out,” Primetime, Brooklyn, NY
“Jean Degottex, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Travess Smalley, Keith J. Varadi,” Ricou Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“Bad As I Wanna Be,” Ortega y Gasset Projects, Ridgewood, NY
“F(re)e Play,” Stadium, New York, NY
“DIS, DAT, DEEZ, DOZ,” The Joanna, Houston, TX
“This Heat,” Penthouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD
“Exit Strategy,” White Box, New York, NY
“North American Graduate Art Survey,” Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
“The Wrong Miracle,” Galeria NoMiNIMO, Guayaquil, Ecuador
“Burns Slower,” SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME
“Exit Light,” Reference Gallery, Richmond, VA
“Anti-Anti/Non-Non,” Hal Bromm Gallery, New York, NY
“Hood Rich,” The Hexagon Space, Baltimore, MD
“Peace Poster (GIFTLAND),” Printed Matter, New York, NY

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“1,” Off-White, Fall 2014
“Golden Age,” NURTUREart, Fall 2014
“4 Poems,” Spork Press, 9/26/14
“Happy Hour at Flem’s (with John Roebas),” Bunk Edition, Fall 2014
“Polly Wants a Cracker and Distressed Denim,” There There, Summer 2014
“First Blood: Samara Golden’s Mass Murder at Night Gallery,” Prism of Reality 3
“LISTEN TO: L.A. Club Resource,” Kaleidoscope, 6/27/14
“Cycle 3,” Circle Poetry Journal
“Sub Rosa,” Info-Punkt
“Ivin Ballen, CEO,” Bunker259
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WOPOZI (The Violet Issue)
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WOPOZI (The Carmine Issue)
Unsaid #6


“Contract,” OFG.XXX, Dallas, TX
“Q&A with Eugene Kotlyarenko,” Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“Q&A with The Jogging,” MOCA, Los Angeles, CA
“Cisco Sysco SisQó,” La Fonda, Rockaway Beach, NY
“Writing Program,” Reverse, Brooklyn, NY
“Chuckles Plus,” The Gershwin Hotel Theater, New York, NY
“Coming Soon,” Reference Gallery, Richmond, NY


“McPoems,” McDonald’s, Los Angeles, CA

Levy Delval, Los Angeles, CA

The Composing Rooms, Berlin, Germany
“Happy Hour at Flem’s,” Abilene, Brussels, Belgium
“Mild Translation,” Jupiter Woods, London, United Kingdom
Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles, CA
Essex Flowers, New York, NY
“Capulet’s Orchard,” Chin’s Push, Los Angeles, CA
“Everyone deserves a second chance maybe,” ltd, Los Angeles, CA
“Private Party,” Macie Gransion, New York, NY
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“CACKLE TAZ,” Gallery Homeland, Houston TX
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“A Ridding,” Simone Subal Gallery, New York, NY
“A Ridding,” James Fuentes, New York, NY
“An Opening,” Open Space, Baltimore, MD
“A Ridding,” Regina Rex, Ridgewood, NY
“Lake Eerie Blues,” BUCKBUCK, Cleveland, OH
“Viscous Cycle,” Molasses Books, Brooklyn, NY
“Whitmen,” Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
“Men’s Warehouse,” Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY
“Riled Ponies,” The Charleston, Brooklyn, NY
“The Folding Chair 2:2,” 61 Local, Brooklyn, NY

Curator, “Special Madness,” David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX
Curator, “Conference Call in the Waiting Room,” Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
Co-Curator (with Nathan Coutts), “Spectrum,” St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Minneapolis, MN
Curator, “Mondays, et al.,” Chin’s Push, Los Angeles, CA
Curator, “Soup du Jour,” Sadie Halie Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Co-Curator (with Michael Kennedy Costa & Rachel LaBine), “Elastic de facto,” Picture Menu at Carter & Citizen, Los Angeles, CA
Curator, “Peripheral Prose,” Longhouse Projects, New York, NY
Curator, “Hot House,” Longhouse Projects, New York, NY
Co-Curator (with Michael Kennedy Costa), Meghan Petras, “Eleglance,” Picture Menu, Brooklyn, NY
Co-Curator (with Rachel LaBine), “Style As Substance,” David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX
Co-Curator (with Rachel LaBine), “Style Points & Substance Pangs,” Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA
Co-Curator (with Michael Kennedy Costa), EJ Hauser & Ilse Murdock, “Patois,” Picture Menu, Brooklyn, NY
Curator, “Liberti(n)es,” Open Space, Baltimore, MD
Co-curator (with Michael Kennedy Costa), Nathan Dilworth, “Second Set,” Picture Menu, Brooklyn, NY
Curator, “For Your Health,” Sponge HQ, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA
Co-curator (with Michael Kennedy Costa), “Exit Light,” Reference Gallery, Richmond, VA

Residency, Edward F. Albee Foundation, Montauk, NY
Nominee, Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant
VCU Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Award, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Lillian and Nat Reiss Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA


Publications & Multiples Fair, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
“Alternative Antecedents,” University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Slide Jam, The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX
Artist Talk, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA