Kari Altmann

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Kari Altmann is an artist focused on the survival aesthetics of communal lexicons and fantasy images, or “meta images”. Working across formats as a visual artist, videomaker, art director, performer, curator, and musician/dj, she maintains a sprawling and continuously evolving creative identity that includes countless urls, social media accounts, conceptual hashtags, installations, events, and collaborations.

Her work has been featured by The Fader, Swiss Institute, Art Dubai, Serpentine Gallery, UCCA, Dis Magazine, Dazed, Rhizome, etc, and she is cited as a major influence in the “post-internet” genre, though she prefers to use her own new genre descriptions. She was the winner of an inaugural Net Art Prix in 2014 and recently completed her debut solo show, XOMIA, at Ellis King Gallery, as well as a prominent commission for the Biennial of the Americas in 2015. Upcoming works include performance, music, and video, as well as several major online projects.

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See more: http://karialtmann.com