Jude Griebel

My current series of dioramas, titled Illuminated Collapse, build on my past sculpture, merging figure and ground to highlight human connection to the surrounding world. In these sculptures, unsettling scenes unfold on the surface of circular, wooden bases. Anatomies/landscapes are engaged in dramatic acts of self-consumption and destruction, projecting a metaphorical End of Times narrative. Mirroring our own world through their miniature elements, the works reflect on contemporary consumption, industrial development, and inherent environmental degradation. The works combine scientific reason with fantasy and diverse cultural references, using personal symbolism and metaphor to register the concept of planetary collapse.

Recent years have heralded predictions of final days in the guise of Mayan hieroglyphs, Y2K, Hollywood disaster movies and an overwhelming flood of articles and scientific reports of species extinction and unsustainability. Adding to this subconscious burden is environmental degradation on a vast scale that many choose to deflect in order to proceed in a stable manner. My sculptures attempt to embody this repressed and deflected anxiety, delivering it back to the viewer in ways that are self-deprecating and playful, prioritizing possibility and transformation over closure.

In the diorama All-Consuming, a giant body doubles as an island and a shipping yard. The body is being fed by an endless stream of freight vessels, unloading and delivering crates into its maw. The figure’s face (referencing grotesque statuary from the Italian Gardens of Bomarzo) updates the context of the insatiable Renaissance era Hell Mouth. The miniature scale of the delivery vessels, in relation to the anatomy, makes a nod to Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, in which the captive Gulliver’s appetite threatens to consume everything within a miniature world. The work Black Ark presents a reverse Noah’s Ark narrative, in which a procession of spectral animals is corralled around a deforested landscape by bulldozers. The animals are boarding an ark that is a black void, representing species extinction rather than salvation. In Ice Cap, a glacial head melts in the sunlight, weeping rivers and streams onto a flooded cityscape. Reflecting Alice’s dramatic pool of tears in her Adventures in Wonderland, the world is sunken or swimming in remorse—collective culpability symbolized by the glacier’s many crying eyes. Vehicles within all the works are busily deconstructing, delivering and transporting, symbolizing a world in a state of hyperactive transition.


The obsessive craft quality of the work subverts various functions and histories of the miniature and diorama. The works occupy a grey area between traditional natural history displays—as crafted illusion understood as fact, to the toy model—as a miniature realm on which one is able to insert their ideas and fantasies into a broader picture. From this liminal space, the sculptures describe both difficult fact and dystopic fiction, attempting to mediate personal space within them.


Selected Education

2014    Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Ceramics, Concordia University, Canada

2012    MFA International Exchange, University of Lapland, Finland


Selected Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions


2018    Illuminated Collapse, Nickle Galleries—University of Calgary, Canada (catalogue) (Forthcoming 19/10/18)

Illuminated Collapse, El Museo de Los Sures, Brooklyn, USA (Forthcoming (29/06/18)

Ground-Figure: Sculptures 2013-2018, Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre, Medicine Hat, Canada

2017    Arms, eyes, detritus, Galerie Sturm, Nuremberg, Germany (catalogue)

Mess-Maker, Evans Contemporary, Peterborough, Canada

Die Geister, die ich rief, with Jan Pötter, Spinnerei Archiv Massiv, Leipzig, Germany

Plastic Ghost, a public artwork curated by Anna Ruth, Jyväskylä, Finland

Crafting Ruin, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Canada

Estranged Setting, Esker Foundation (project space), Calgary, Canada

Unfamiliar Selves, with Tammy Salzl, Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Canada (2017); Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History, Nelson, Canada (2016)

2016    Reanimator, The Redpath Museum, Montreal, Canada

2015    Washout, The Museum Lytke, Leipzig, Germany

Wasted, Galerie Sturm, Nuremberg, Germany (catalogue)

Feeder (satellite installation for Future Station: The 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art), The Gibson Block Building, Edmonton, Canada

Yellow House, Jude Griebel Brendan Griebel, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Canada (catalogue)

2014    Reanimator, Galerie Sturm Project Space, Nuremberg, Germany

Shelf Life, Union Gallery, Queen’s University, Canada

Betwixt and Between, with Dana Holst, The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, Canada (catalogue)

2013    How You Were Made, Galerie Sturm, Nuremberg, Germany (catalogue)

Grow Apart, FOFA Gallery, Montréal, Canada

2012    Grandmother, Galleria Kajo III, University of Lapland, Finland

2011    Apparitions: Works on Paper, Islensk Grafik, Reykjavik, Iceland

Afterworks, Populus Tremula Gallery, Akuyreri, Iceland

2009    Brand New Superstition, Cella Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions


2018    Don’t go on vacation with another artist who collects the same things as you, ISCP, Brooklyn, USA

Flux: Responding to Head and Neck Cancer, International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, USA; McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, Canada (2017); dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Canada (2017)

2017    Et Tu, Art Brute? Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York City, USA

real, surreal, hyperreal, Galerie Kremers, Berlin, Germany

2015    Disiplinler arasi/ Interdisciplinary, Galeri MiZ, Istanbul, Turkey

KATALYSATOR KUNST, Großer Saal des Staatsministeriums, Nuremberg, Germany

Future Station: The 2015 Biennial of Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of Alberta, Canada

2014    Art Toronto, with dc3 Art Projects, Toronto, Canada

Locate: Works from the Permanent Collection, The Yukon Public Art Center, Whitehorse, Canada

Papier Art Fair, with dc3 Art Projects, Montreal, Canada

OK OK OK, Ateliers Jean Brillant, Montréal, Canada

Collision 10, Parisian Laundry, Montréal, Canada

2013    Elsewhere Retrospective, The Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, USA

BRERART Contemporary Art Week (project curated by Chiara Canali), Milan, Italy

Play: Toys+Age=Art, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Canada

New Acquisitions, The Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada

Ultramoderne, Galerie Art Mur, Montreal, Canada

2012    Thoughts About Death, Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä, Finland

La Vie Fantastique (curated by Shane Goldby for the Art Gallery of Alberta/ TREX

Program), touring 25 Alberta communities 2012-2015, Canada

The Gaze of History: Portraits from the Collection, The Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada

2011    After Life, The Art Gallery of Regina, Canada

2009    Art in Review, Cella Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Selected Awards and Residencies


2017    Ground floor NY Artist Residency (18 months), The International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, USA (sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Danna and Ed Ruscha and the New York State Legislature)

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (also in 2014, 2015)

Artist Residency, MASS MoCA Studios, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, USA

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant (Also in 2014, 2015)

Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant

2016    Artist Residency, Kunstnarhuset Messen, Alvik, Norway

Grant and Artist Residency, The International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, USA (Supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts)

2015    Artist Residency, Halle 14 Center for Contemporary Art, Leipzig, Germany

Artist Residency, MiZ Istanbul, Turkey

2014    Canada Council Travel Grant (Also in 2013, 2010)

2013    Alberta Foundation for the Arts Marketing Grant

Artist Residency, Elsewhere Museum, North Carolina, USA

2012    Leo Paul Ramsperger Award in Sculpture and Ceramics

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarship

2010    Artist Residency, Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society, Yukon, Canada

Artist Residency, Nes Center, Iceland



Majudia Collection/ Arsenal Contemporary Art, Canada

Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada

Colart Contemporary Canadian Art Collection

Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium

Sakima Art Museum, Japan

Silvercorp Mining, Canada

Shaw Center for Contemporary Ceramics, Canada

Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery, Canada


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