Jared C. Deery

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What is my work about?

My paintings are often small still lives searching for meaning in memories and symbols. They are based in the dream world of my imagination where I believe that art can help us dream and to heal. This search is a process that requires repetition. The search requires us to never complete, but to always be evolving inside of meaning. My paintings can often take years to evolve as I work on many at a time, each one its own search. My paintings are slow and through gradual mark making and layers I allow them time to reveal themselves to me


Artist Statement

I believe that painting has the natural ability to heal. Not only in the making of images but in the contemplative viewing that allows an image to reveal meaning over time. I allow for many techniques such as chance, push/pull, addition and subtraction, often using self made tools for application to challenge the way the image is developed.

My work begins and ends primarily with memory and perception. My paintings depict images of flowers. The flowers are the object or place where an abstraction, like a dream, takes place.   I begin each painting with an outline or a detail of a memory. I then begin to develop the image through a series of loose mark making applications, developing these small particulars in my imagination, as if they were coming from a dream. I try to see the flowers and the situation as if real, through the abstraction, in this oneiric scene. A metaphysical space begins to develop layer upon layer. By responding to these interactions, I look for hints of meaning, that reveal themselves through the imagery. This searching leads me to find still lifes and moments composed of flowers, cups, bowls, and moments of light that seem to be with out space or time. Each image begins in a similar place but follows its own journey.

The images I create play games with space, light, color and pattern both on canvas and paper. On paper I work mostly with inks, developing the images slowly with washes and resists, building them up over long periods of time. On canvas I work with oil paints, also layering the paints, allowing for long periods of exposure and alterations while the paint slowly drys.

I begin each painting with a reference, a detail of a recollection, such as a color, a light, or a feeling. These memories are often very sensory, physical and specific. The colors are direct references to my specific memories.   As I begin to draw, I begin to search the details hidden inside the puzzle, within the layers of the paint and within the imagery of the flowers I explore further. This memory might be as simple as a gift, as in image #12, ”Something you gave to me”. Where a gift was given that was the color red, yet when the gift was lost the color remained in my mind. The image acts as a memorial to that gesture, even as the actual gift is gone.

The repetition of image making allows me to explore the symbolism that reoccurs inside the paintings. Often I repeat similar motifs hoping to find something different, but always finding something surprising built up with time. The rearrangement and mutation of the flowers again and again,bit by bit, creates new meaning. The simple act of changing a color or spacial relationship can alter the psychology of that meaning dramaticly as in a dream or meditation.

The simple still life scene becomes a stage where my imagination is allowed to interpret past experiences into actions that in turn refer to and reflect our collective psyche as a whole.

At times my fascination leads me away from painting into other mediums. Nature drives my need to find meaning in the symbols of my past. The physicality of three dimensions is a primordial place of creation. I create objects remembered from my childhood, often recreating the games I played then with sticks, dirt and clay. I begin mostly with childrens materials, allowing for a private performance to take place between the fluid material and my body. I then abstract these forms by casting them in bronze, preserving them forever as small statues or tiny monuments to a fading memory.

Each still life scene and sculpture repeats its own similar structure. Through a litany of fetishistic fascinations with the nature inherint in these flowers and their surroundings a slow meaning evolves. These imagined flowers carry symbols of nature but refer to the human body. Often their color, texture, and movement embody aspects of psychology as they become a mirror to the human condition. The world can be found in these small flowers and these small moments. Something exists in the mundane everydayness of this imagery and its repetition that inspires my imagination to continue to find endless stories and symbols.

The way each stem, petal or movement of light can create new symbols, that seem to endlessly speak about the history of art, the body, and my personal past, they remain an endless poem for me to explore.


1998-2001, Pratt Institute, BFA in Painting
2007-2010, Hunter College, MFA in Painting


Solo Exhibitions
And the Dead Become Young Through the Flickering Light of Memory”,    Spazio Morris, Milan, Italy

Group Exhibitions
“Take 5”, Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY
“You Dont Bring Me Flowers”, 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany

“CISCO SYSCO SISQO”, La Fonda, Brooklyn, NY

Short Visit/ Short Show”, Marcelleria, Milan Italy

“Today Is The Tomorrow You Thought About Yesterday”, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

“Parallel Lines”, Prirate Gallery, Denver, Colorado
“Hunter MFA Thesis Exhibition”, Hunter College Times Square Gallery, NY, NY
“MA’s curate MFA’s”, Hunter College Times Square Gallery NY, NY

“Drawings”, Fringe Salon, NY, NY
“Altered States”, Francis Lewis Gallery, Queens, NY

“The Measure of a Few Notes”, Windows Gallery, LIC, NY
“Fin de Siecle”, Capitolium Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy
“Momenta Benefit”, White Columns Gallery, NY, NY
“Fin de Siecle”, Estudiotres, Chicago, Ill

“Winter Drawings” Matter, Brooklyn, NY

“The Lost Forest’, ThreeFiveNine Gallery NY, NY
“Recent Drawings”, Matter, Brooklyn, NY

“BFA Graduate Show”, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
“Groups Exhibition”, Collaborative Concepts Gallery, Beacon, NY



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