Janna Dyk

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What is my work about?

My art practice variably utilizes photography, drawing, video, text, sewn, embroidered, or needlepoint work, and installation. I am interested in how we lyrically form meaning in our contemporary lives. Considering gaps, spaces, uncertainty, misreading, systems, stories, unknowingness, play, and silliness are important, and serve as fodder for experimentation. Oftentimes one work is best understood when in dialogue with another.


Artist Statement

In my art practice I explore how we lyrically form meaning in our day to day lives.

I am particularly interested in gaps, how we negotiate substance by way of both missing and collected elements. In the realm of memory, psychologists seek to investigate how people correlate experiences with what they perceive to be knowledge. Oftentimes, scientific “evidence” questions an intuitive, amorphous remembrance, as if the body creates its own poetry and lyrics from the raw prose it once overheard.[1]

Within interpersonal communication, the way we understand one another amounts to something like an amalgamation of passing glimpses, of both misreading and empathizing with another. Perhaps it is not so much a question of either/or, but rather of both: we misinterpret as much as we interpret. As Philip Roth writes:

“…what are we to do about this terribly significant business of “other people”… getting people right is not what living is all about anyway. It’s getting them wrong that is living, getting them wrong and wrong and wrong and then, on careful reconsideration, getting them wrong again.”

Throughout life we glean texts, sounds, images, sensations, and words by way of articles, books, websites, advertisements, overheard or engaged-in conversations, jokes, clever glances, the radio, songs, and dreams – the conscious and unconscious experiences. These meld together into coagulated hybrids of “understandings” and ideologies, which amount within each person to a kind of intrapersonal archive. What differentiates one person’s or group’s from another’s?

It is in this in-between space that we seek a foyer of meaning.

Jim Morrison once said that “There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors.” I am interested in these -often benign, even silly – passageways between understandings.

By way of experimentation and play, particularly considering the concerns of photography and visual literacy, I seek to unravel this border territory between our understandings, residing in a place of lyrical nonsense, disorientation, silliness, nebulousness, solemnity, or mundaneness. Do we understand by way of certain cues; might we assemble a system of unknowing or knowingness?

Select works included here are from the following projects:

To Tell You, 2015

Real/ignment, 2014

Shall We Talk or Will We Just Gaze?, 2013-14

[1] Leonard Mlodinow, Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, (New York: Random House, 2012).



2012-15 MFA, Combined Media, Hunter College, New York, NY
2011-12 Continuing Education, Photography, School of the Visual Arts, New York, NY
2007 BA, Magna Cum Laude, Studio Art & Spanish, minor in English, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY
2006 Cross-Cultural Study, Emphasis in Art & Literature Education, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain

“Empty,” curated by Janna Luttrell, Angels Gallery, Manhattan, NY, April 15 – June 15, 2015
“Hunter MFA Graduate Exhibition,” 205 Hudson Gallery, Manhattan, NY, May 21 – June 6, 2015

“ Double Take,” curated by Brooke Tomillo, Youme Haus, Williamsburg, NY, April 12 – July, 2014
“Legacy,” curated by Lorinne Lee, Silverdale, WA, May 16 – August, 2014
“Art Auction,” Novella Gallery, New York, New York, June 2014
“Shall We Talk or Will We Just Listen?”, curated by George Weinberg and Qianfan Gu, 205 Hudson, May 2014

“ The Big Question,” curated by Keena Gonzalez and Michael Berube, Openings NY, New York, NY, Sept. 11-Nov., 2013
“Local Project Summer Exhibition,” Brooklyn, NY, August, 2013
“DETOUR,” Local Project, LIC, NY, May, 2013

“Δ,” 111 Hess Street, New York, NY
“Lines, Grooves, and Shades of Blue,” Manny Cacciatore, All Angel’s Gallery, New York, NY, April – May, 2012

“Matter and Spirit,” Juried, Biola Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Spring 2011

“Graduates Art Exhibition,” Juried, Asbury Gallery, Wilmore, KY, Spring 2007
“Governor’s Reception Exhibit,” Juried, Wesley Village, KY, March 2007
“Nicholasville Art Depository,” Juried, Nicholasville, KY, April 2007
“Color Contemplations,” solo exhibition, Jeff Rodgers Gallery, Lexington,KY, July – August, 2007

“Central Kitsap Juried Arts Exhibition,” Juried, Clear Creek Center Mural, Silverdale, WA, Spring 2003

“Central Kitsap Juried Arts Exhibition,” Juried, Clear Creek Center Mural, Silverdale, WA, Spring 2002
“Washington State Young Artists,” Juried, Seattle, WA, Spring 2002
“Clear Creek Center Mural,” Silverdale, WA, Summer 2002


Faculty Award, Hunter College MFA

Alice Beck Odette Scholarship, School of Visual Arts Pratt Institute MFA New Forms Scholarship

Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievements in Art, Asbury University.

Asbury Presidential Scholarship

Art Graduate of the Year, Olympic High School
Asbury University Presidential Scholarship
Central Kitsap Education Association Award for Excellence
David Salveson Award for Academic Excellence
History Student of the Year, Olympic High School
National Honor Society Gold Cord
President’s Education Award
Tony White Award in Visual Art
Trojan Scholar Award
WA State Young Artists Award
Washington State Honors Award
Washington State Principal Scholars Award
West Sound Arts Council Scholarship for Visual Arts.

Booklyn Artist Alliance Curator (Fellowship)

S&E Visual Arts Curator (Fellowship)

Chelsea Music Festival, Collaborative Visual Arts Curator (Fellowship)

Art International Residency Projects, Beijing, China (Art Residency)
DGW (Women Art Leaders Conference)

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“Cycle (Title TBC): Sara Shaoul,” solo exhibition, Booklyn, Greenpoint, NY, Sept. – Nov., 2015
“Garden View (Title TBC): Mary Walling Blackburn & Rafael Kelman,” 2-person exhibition, Booklyn, Greenpoint, NY, Nov. 2015 – Jan., 2016

“(Re)Visioned Images,” group exhibition, 205 Hudson St., New York, NY

“Reverse,” Collaborative Performance, New York Center for Art & Media Studies, New York, NY
“SILENCE,” 25 person multi-media performance, Chelsea Music Festival, Rubin Museum, New York, NY
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Carl Andre Melissa Kretschemer Foundation, New York, NY, Poetry Archivist 2013-14
Yto Barrada Studio, New York, NY, Research & Studio Assistant, Studio Manager

Hunter College, New York, NY, Photography Teaching Assistant

Art Legacy, Artist Partner, Columbia University Research Center for Arts & Culture

New York Center for Art & Media Studies, New York, NY, Center Programming Coordinator 2011 A.I.R. Projects, New York, NY, Web Content Overseer & Coordinator

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York, New York, Archivist Intern, paid