Janaye Brown

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What is my work about?

I make videos based on pregnant moments I observe in my everyday life. My filmmaking background informs the techniques I use to build and sustain a sense of anticipation while emphasizing the passage of time. Through an extended look at a narrative fragment, often with a single action as its focus, the subtlest shifts become prominent and the viewer has time to examine everything within the mise-en-scène. I seek to access the tension and mystique that lay beneath the surface of familiarity.

Artist Statement

The sustained gaze is important in my videos. By utilizing the long take and a slow pace I seek to distill the nuanced shifts in quotidian life through a measured accumulation of time. My videos are stripped down to engage the viewer in the pro-filmic, that is, everything that exists within the frame.

Most situations I record stem from everyday experiences. I restage scenes I’ve observed at parties, in bars, during walks and on public transportation, lingering on seemingly insignificant moments that imply greater narratives. I write limited actions into my scripts and work with non-actors, allowing each scene to play out as naturally as possible. During post-production I review my footage and make pronounced the psychological and emotional undercurrents that reveal themselves there.
Peter Handke, a longtime writing collaborator of Wim Wenders, describes the essence of what I seek in my work, in his novel Short Letter, Long Farewell. On seeing two girls in a telephone booth laughing and taking turns talking on the receiver, he says “I watched them in a paradisiacal state of lightness, a state in which one has no desire but to see, and in which to see is to know.”



2013 MFA: Studio Art, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2010 BA: Cinematic Arts and Technology, California State University- Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA

Select Exhibitions

Title TBD: Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York, NY [forthcoming]

CollabFest 2015: Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY (collaboration w/ Marissa Brown) [forthcoming]

We Have Never Been Modern: Dope Chapel, Norman, OK
Video Art @ The Banff Centre: Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB, Canada
Dallas Video Fest 27: Angelika Film Center, Dallas TX
Way Down Low: Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA
17th Annual Extremely Shorts Film Festival: Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX
A Selection from Immediate Symphony: Tiny Park, Austin, TX
Introductions: Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

A Catalogue: Tiny Park, Austin, TX
Select Fair: The Catalina Hotel, Miami, FL
Conspectus- Two Thousand Thirteen: Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX
In Our/Their/Your Midst: Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX
Something Lost: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Video Studio-Long Takes: Studio Museum Harlem, New York, NY
Under The Moon Tower: David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX
Objectineering: Rock Bar, San Francisco, CA
MFA Thesis Show: Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX
Something Lost: Co-lab’s N Space, Austin, TX

One Night Cheap Hotel: Super 8 Motel, Austin, TX

How to: A Video Anthology: Big Medium, Austin, TX

BA Thesis Show: California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA
Carmel Art & Film Festival: Sunset Center Auditorium, Carmel, CA
Monterey Bay Film Festival: World Theatre, Seaside, CA

First Night Film Festival: Golden State Theatre, Monterey, CA
Carmel Short Cinema: Forest Theatre, Carmel, CA
Not Still Art: Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Awards & Prizes
2011-2013 College of Fine Arts Student Excellence Award, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2010-2011 David J. Bruton Fellowship, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2010 Distinction in the Major, California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA

Residencies & Fellowships
Summer Emerging Artist Residency, Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York, NY

Mufson, Beckett, Meet the Artists-in-Residence at BHQFU, NY, The Creators Project, July

Schwartz, Chip, Tiger Strikes Asteroid gets Down and Dirty, Knight Arts, September
Van Ryzin, Jeanne Claire, Things to do, Saturday, March 1, Austin American Statesman, February
Schwaiger, Seth Orion, Tiny Park: A Catalogue, Glasstire, January

Keltner, Elena, In Our/Their/Your Midst’, a collaborative effort between three UT grad students, The Daily Texan, October
Haber, John, Real Time, Haber Arts, July
Castro, Leslie Moody, Under the Moon Tower, Exhibition Catalog, June
Greenwood, Caitlin, Something Lost, Austin Chronicle, June