Jackie Friedberg

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Artist Statement 

I am driven by the fabrication of material as body. I once wore my work as clothing, but have moved onto the home as a form and paintings as their dress. Upholstery fabric, vinyl, draping fabric, tulle and chiffon are traditionally made into couches, table covers, and windows. Instead I redefine their uses while honoring that they have a voice for events that occurred in their presence, their figurative life. When making non-representative portrait paintings, I close my eyes and wait for a memory to reach the surface. I move onto finding the color, shapes and textures able to transform the mental image into a minimal, pure, form. In doing so my individual experience is made universal, allowing the public opportunity to relate to an individual’s history that is not their own. As an example, Image 14 (v.ooo) is a representation of the first piece I made through the use of still image of an action and minimalism, where I broke glass and formed it into a circle on bubble wrap and presented it to an audience. It was beautiful, a play on control, freedom, material’s ability to transform light and holds as the reason for making my current work. We all have something inside of us that lights our way. Sometimes we just need to look in the dark to see it. Image 14 is in honor of that light.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Advanced Painting Studio
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • SAIC Merit Scholarships
  • Grace Stein Weigel Grant

Selected Exhibitions
Restructuring, Phil Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Pipe Dream, Night Gallery + Rachel Uffner, New York, NY

ARTBandini, Phil Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Temporary Contemporary Malibu, Phil Gallery, Los Angeles, CA