Jack Bangerter

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Artist Statement

Observation and creative interpretation of my experiences are the dominant subject matter of my work.

While painting en plein air I realized that there is much more that happens during an experience than simply what you see, and the length of that experience is longer than just a moment. I started building stories and other information into my paintings attempting to find something, beyond the sense of sight alone, through broader observation of my experiences. I carried this idea to my in-studio work also, where I observe my personal life and ideologies as well as global issues and events. Creative interpretation, or applying my own knowledge and experience to those observations, is the result, a document, my artwork.

Through a combination of dynamic composition, iconography, and juxtaposition I pack my paintings with content. I feel life is the same way, more complex than our ability to interpret it allows, and simpler than it initially appears.



MFA – Kunstakademiet i Oslo (KHiO, National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway) 2008
BA – Art History – Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona, USA 2004
– Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands – Art History 2003
– Minerva Art Academy Groningen, Netherlands – Drawing/Painting 2003

Solo Art Exhibitions
2013 Intersecting ISON – NoPlace – Oslo, Norway
2010 DEGRADATION of NEO-PLASTICS – Garden City, Idaho
2009 Jack and Mark Bangerter, The Neo-Compositionalists – At The Compound, Boise, Idaho
2007 Contracept – Student Solo Exhibition, Galleri 21:24 – Oslo, Norway

Group Exhibitions and Other Projects:
2016 Art/Chess – Residency at Visual Artist Group – Los Angeles, California
2016 Bob’s Art Farm – Surel’s Place – Garden City, Idaho
2016 Sofia Porto Bauchwitz’s Fronteras y Estados de Sitio Vol. III – Madrid, Spain
2016 Srijon Chowdhury’s Memory Theater – Upfor Gallery – Portland, Oregon
2015 Art Basil Los Angeles – Garbage Jungle Gallery – Van Nuys, California
2015 Variations on a Theme with Zach Storm – Infinity Room – Los Angeles, California
2015 Jay Erker’s Living Together – Eastside International – Los Angeles, California
2015 Exhibition Call For Drawings – Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design – Utrecht, Netherlands
2014 Summer Slumber Super Salon – Demon’́s Mouth – Oslo, Norway
2014 Old Boys Out West – Crowdfunded International Collaborative Art Creation Journey – California
2013 Morten Viskum’s 1986-2013 / An Artist Collecting Art – Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway
2013 Fine Art of Baseball – George Krevsky Gallery – San Francisco, California
2012 Spring Salon – Springville Museum of Fine Art – Springville, Utah
2011 SHANGRILA – A Desert Art Event – Joshua Tree, California
2010 In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran, Zion Plein Air Invitational – Zion National Park, Utah
2010 Touching at a Distance – Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona
2010 Idaho Triennial – Boise Art Museum – Boise, Idaho
2009 Annual Religious and Spiritual Exhibition – Springville Museum of Fine Art – Springville, Utah
2009 Zion Plein Air Invitational – Maynard Dixon Home – Mt. Carmel and Zion National Park, Utah
2008 Final Year Master’s Degree Show – Stenersen Museet – Oslo, Norway
2007 Here Today Gone Tomorrow 6&7 – Land Art Experiments – Arcueil, France
2007 Open Academy: Munch, Schiele, and Their Mothers – Kunstakademiet i Oslo, Norway
2006 Open Academy – Kunstakademiet i Oslo, Norway
2005 Here Today Gone Tomorrow 3&4 – Land Art Experiments – Boise, Idaho
2004 Here Today Gone Tomorrow 1 – Land Art Experiment – Flagstaff, Arizona


­Prime Selection: Exhibition Call For Drawings – Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design 2015
Artist’s Choice Award : Wasatch Plein Air Paradise Competition 2011

­Northern Arizona University Cline Library Special Collections and Archives : The Arbor Club Films Congressional Art Competition : 2000 Idaho Representative, Washington D.C., USA