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What is my work about?

My work is based mostly on the conception of reality as a construction that is constantly being recreated and where language becomes knowledge. In this way I bring up questions that are not overtly social or political, but that deal with the tendency of the human mind to create iconic and associative characters out of its surroundings and the effects of those associations on society. Thus, I develop a deconstruction of the icons and social codes that inhabit our daily lives, revisit their original meanings and create a new mythology around them. In this process I use contemporary and classic references to explore issues like desire and power dynamics.

Artist Statement

The construction of reality and the line that is often blurred between fiction and nonfiction are concepts which heavily inform my practice and are manifest through many traditions, notably: semiotics, representation, storytelling and issues surrounding public vs. private space.

My work often focuses on a general idea of representation and our choices regarding the mechanisms that offer that representation. In this way the “cinematographical mechanism” (Henri Bergson’s demonstration of how the intellect grasps reality), is being analyzed and deconstructed.

My recent project All of Us Want to Work Less, carried out this year at MACBA Museum, is a performance that manipulates the methodology of the rehearsal and reveals the mechanisms that exist behind a production. For this I used the iconic scene from Basic Instinct (1992) and created a monologue stating the position of the character through a text that questions the learning process and failure as a condition. Other references used in this piece were a recent manifesto, a historical revolt and different actions, including the making of a cement-based sculpture. The duration of the cement’s solidification timed the performance. This piece explores the connection between performance, happening and object making processes; it approaches the making of cement-based sculptures as a form of performance. At present I continue exploring these new subjects in a new piece premiering in September 2015.

All of Us Want to Work Less follows the work and experimentations I made in the fall of 2014, at a three-month residency at El Museo de Los Sures in collaboration with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). Its outcome was a series of works on desire and power: cement-based sculptures, silkscreens on latex and a video piece. The juxtaposition of the enticing material of the latex and the industrial cement was the fulcrum of the series of objects. Using these materials alongside the structure of the JEFF ikea chair, I  also addressed concepts of mass production and the symbolic construction of popular design. In the print, I’m a Writer, I used a fragment of the reconstructed dialogue from the movie Basic Instinct from the performance All of Us Want to Work Less. In this interrogation scene the minimal movement of crossing and uncrossing the legs subverts existing power dynamics. This topic, along with the gaze and desire, are recurrent in my practice- making this iconic scene a perfect material for analysis in my work.

Art, film, television, the performing arts and the Internet take the floor as work tools and objects for experimentation and analysis. I am interested in realities and in showing their limitations and ambiguities as truth, through analysis of their forms of representation. My interest not only lies in the story that upholds reality but in its recreations and its techniques for showing them or fictionalizing them.

In this direction THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE (2010-on going) is a multimedia project exploring the production of power and constructed situations while mixing performance, theater, film and live experience. It places a cast of performers within fictional and nonfictional parameters, using materials from iconic movie scripts, narratives from the actor’s own lives, and historical and recent events. While being filmed and situated in a conflict, four performers are directed towards the completion of a scene. The audience witnesses at the same time the performance and the making of a movie. The entire


process is being recorded and included in the ongoing film. The project is taking shape over a multi-year, multi-venue process: it began in 2010, produced by the Bilbao Festival of Contemporary Theater and Dance; in 2013-2014 it was carried out at Abrons Arts Center in NYC in two stages; and in the Fall 2015 it will be produced in Bogotá, Colombia.


THE MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO HEAR is a video created from the footage of the live audition/performance to cast the actors of THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE iteration in NYC. The leitmotif of this video is an interview between the theater director and a performer at the casting that foregrounds the power and seduction involved in the exchange. The narrative force of what is unseen but still present serves as the mechanism of construction for this video piece.


Storytelling is another way I explore the concept of reality construction. I am interested in its myriad forms as well as humanity’s deep-rooted desire to create myths. My approach to the concept is both classic and contemporary; examples of storytelling and myth-making extend beyond the well known epics of ancient Greece to include current popular television programming. Signs and symbols, as the foundation for myth-making, are usually the starting point of my projects.


THE HISTORY OF THE FIST (2014) takes the symbol of the FIST as the main character of a new fiction. It creates a mythology between the known and the strange, the oral and the non-verbal. Foregrounded in this multimedia project is the FIST: a multilayered quotidian sign- while concepts of sexuality, violence and social revolutions are explored. Dia Felix is the narrator, the writer, as well as the archaeologist of the story. Historian and archivist Lincoln Cushing brings the nonfiction element through his studies on the icon of the fist from a political art perspective. The footage has been shot in different locations: a university 3D printing lab, natural caves and a strip club. THE HISTORY OF THE FIST was produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade, ARTIUM Museum and Salzburger Kunstverein. It took the form of a video installation that includes a video and a 3D printed sculpture on a pedestal.


In my projects, videos and performances, a non-linear narrative is created through deconstructed elements that are mainly absorbed from the language of pop culture, cinema and mass-media. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL (2012-2013) draws its title from the chorus of British pop star Adele’s 2011 smash single, “Rolling In The Deep”. The work pays homage to the global appeal of Adele’s music while inquiring into the myth-like notion of total fulfillment. The videowork is set inside the Teatro Arriaga, an historic theater in my native Bilbao. A sequence of slow tracking shots, inspired by segments from Adele’s Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert video, capture an ornate interior, emptied of spectators yet intermittently haunted by the voices of two female poets responding to the lyrics in Adele’s hit song. In 2012 the project took the form of a site specific video installation at the Arriaga Theater and Plaza, fragmenting an audiovisual piece by placing the image inside and the audio outside. This form refers to the deconstruction of the cinematic apparatus while reflecting on the concepts of frustration, fulfillment and language. In 2013 I edited WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL as a mono-channel video to be shown out of its original context.


Utilizing an array of diverse media I explore the concepts of desire and power dynamics. Constructing signs and utilizing ubiquitous symbols, I am interested in language as thought, and how symbols that help us navigate our day to day lives are also responsible for informing and constructing our realities.



University of Deusto. Bilbao, Spain. BFA Psychology. 1998
University of Deusto. Bilbao, Spain. First Cycle of Philosophy. 1998 –
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Maine. 2012
Observatorio. School of Film, Film Theory and Criticism. Barcelona. Spain. 2006
ARTELEKU. Professional Editing in Video and Film. San Sebastián. Spain. 2005 (Intensive)
Merlin Animation and The European Community Funds. Professional Animator Certificate. Spain. 2002 -2004
The One Academy of Communication Design in Malaysia. Creation in Multimedia. Bilbaoarte. Spain. 2002 (Intensive)
Bilbaoarte Foundation. International Summer Serigraphy Workshop. Spain. 2000 (Intensive)
MAP Institute. XIV AgrupArte. Art & Process. Vitoria. Spain. 2000 (Intensive)
Shepperton Arts Centre. Printmaking, Painting Techniques and Life Drawing. London.1998- 1999
Museum of Art Reproductions of Bilbao. Painting and Drawing. Bilbao. Spain. 1995 – 1998
Taller Multiple. Printmaking. Bilbao. Spain. 1997 – 2000

2015 (Upcoming)
THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE. Espacio ODEÓN & Rincón Projects. Bogotá, Colombia.
THE MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO HEAR. Rincón Projects. Bogotá, Colombia
All of us want to work less (Performance). MACBA Museum. Barcelona

I use people for what I write. ISCP & El Museo de los Sures. NYC
Rehearsal THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE. Abrons Arts Center. NYC
THE HISTORY OF THE FIST. (Invisible Violence). MoCAB, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade and ARTIUM Museum.
THE MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO HEAR. Galeria ad hoc. Vigo, Spain

WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL. La Taller. Bilbao, Spain
Casting THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE. Abrons Arts Center. NYC

WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL. ENPAP, European Network for Public Arts Producers.

The Blue Wall Project. Brooklyn Arts Council & Moviehouse. NYC
Detrás , al final de la comparsa. ARTIUM Museum. Vitoria, Spain
The Blue Wall Project (Lower East Side). New Museum Festival of Ideas for the New City & No Longer Empty. NYC
LOS PELIGROS DE LA OBEDIENCIA (-1). (Installation). AlhóndigaBilbao. Bilbao. Spain

LOS PELIGROS DE LA OBEDIENCIA (-1). BAD, Bilbao Theatre and Contemporary Dance Festival. Spain

Welcome to the new Paradise. Curated by Blanca de la Torre. White Box, NYC
Return. Billboard on a building. Public art space project. Brooklyn, NYC
Public Colossal. Governors Island, NYC

Pink Car Crash, White Box, NYC

Let´s Rock Tribes Gallery. NYC
North Fork Bank. New York (public art project)
I can´t even hear you. Agenzia04 Gallery. Bologna, Italy

I coincide with you in the other. HVCCA, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York
Coincido contigo en lo otro. Galeria Jamete. Cuenca.Spain
Eso no va a ocurrir (This isn´t going to happen). Sala Libre Completo. Barcelona. Spain

Quizás ésto sea pasarlo bien (I guess I must be having fun). Galería Catálogo General, Bilbao, Spain
Solo Video Screening. Galería Catálogo General. Bilbao, Spain

Galería Catálogo General, Bilbao, Spain

Take care they are loooking to us . Weekend Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Video Screening Kunsthaus Tacheles. Kunst und Kultur Project. Berlin, Germany
Animation Screening. La Hacería. Bilbao.Spain
Galería Basandere. Bilbao, Spain
Galería Catálogo General, Bilbao, Spain

C. M. D. Deusto. Bilbao. Spain
C. V. Zabala. Bilbao. Spain
C. V. Zorroza. Bizkaia. Spain

2015 (Upcoming) Inside/Outside: works from the Skowhegan archives. Curated by Michelle Grabner. ME
(Upcoming) Contornos del Audiovisual. Tabakalera. Donosti-San Sebastian. Spain
Finalists, International Discovery Loop Award. Antiga Fàbrica Damm. Barcelona, Spain.
Closed Circuit. Abrazo Interno Gallery. NYC
Immediate Female. Judith Charles Gallery. NYC
Invisible Violence . Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria

Suturak. San Telmo Museum. Donostia-San Sebastian. Spain
Odeon Contemporary Art Fair. Rincon Projects. Bogota, Colombia
Salon Video. Arts Museum of Arad. Romania.
Nonument. MACBA, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Spain.
Sex without bodies. Temporary Agenzy. Brooklyn, NY.
Across the Short Divide. Broadway Gallery Space. Knoxville, TS.
ARCO. Galería ad hoc. Madrid, Spain.
Galerie Thomas Henry Ross Art Contemporain. Montreal

Proyecto Santa Fe. Rincón Projects. Bogota. Colombia
Nothingness and Untapped Capital. Storefront for Art and Architecture. Ideas City Festival. New York.
Peekskill Project. HVCCA (Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art). New York
By Any Means Necessary. acb Gallery. Budapest. Hungary
Moviehouse 100. 3rd Ward. Brooklyn.

Galerie Thomas Henry Ross Art Contemporain at Galerie B-312. Montreal
You and the Eye. 11 Habana Biennial. La Habana
Screen from Barcelona. Loop Festival. Barcelona
All work and no play makes Thomas a Dull. Curated by Jean Michel Ross. Galerie
Thomas Henry Ross Art Contemporain. New York

Open Studios. ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program). New York
About the Face. No Longer Empty. New York
Video(S)torias. Curated by Blanca de la Torre e Imma Prieto. Artium Museum, Vitoria. Spain
Creadoras del siglo XX y XXI. Curated by Marisa Oropesa. Fundación Caja Vital. Vitoria. Spain
Electrica. Curated by Jodie Dinapoli and Ella Levit. Cervantes Institute. Armory Arts Week. New York
People in the City. Rincon Projects. New York

Espacio Enter. TEA. Tenerife espacio de las artes. Islas Canarias.
Artful Play. Moviehouse. 3rd Ward. Brooklyn. New York.
Videoinstallation in the Public Space.Times Square Alliance. New York
Tensiones. Curated by Maria Azcoitia. King Juan Carlos I – NYU. New York
Yans & Reto. Anthology Film Archives. New York
On the Road. Sala Rekalde, Bilbao.Spain
Now or Never. Rincon Projects. Bogota, Colombia.
Sternberg Project. Moviehouse. Brooklyn. New York.
Gabarron Foundation. The Armory Show-VIP Program. New York
Queens Move. White Box. New York
Exposure. Union Gallery. New York
Pop art. DAC, Dumbo Arts Center. Brooklyn, New York
Rio Hondo Animation Festival, Curated by Lissa Sherman. Los Angeles. California
Galapagos Art Space Dumbo. Brooklyn. New York

Scope Art Fair. Blanca Soto Gallery. Miami.
Pinta Art Fair. Y Gallery, New York. New York
Comunicacionismos. Curated by Blanca de la Torre.10a Havana Biennial. Cuba
Advent. Curated by Christoher Albert. Kork Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NYDigital
Image.Espacioenter. Canarias.Spain
Theatre of more. White Box. New York
Comunicacionismos. Curated by Blanca de la Torre. Gdansk Academy of Arts.Poland
10th Anniversary Benefit Auction 2009. White Box. New York
Inner Beauty Parlor curated by Joseph Keckleer. Envoy Gallery. New York
Doble-Dutch. Curated by Jonathan Shorr. Gaga Arts Center. Garnerville. New York
MOCCA Art Festival 2009. Museum of Comic and cartoon Art. New York
Gaga Festival. Curated by Henry Jones Gaga Arts Center . Garnerville. New York
Disappearing Acts. curated by Joseph Keckleer. Envoy Gallery. New York
Appropiation and Development. Moviehouse. 3rd Ward. Brooklyn, New York

Pretecnologias. ART TECH MEDIA.International Forum. Cordoba. Spain
Krea. Vitoria. Spain.
The Phatologies of Touristic. Pist Space. Istanbul.Turkey
The New Vision Cinema Series. Le Petit Vesailles. New York
Slip. Curated by Paris Mancini. New York
Arte Fiera.Bologna International Art Fair. Agenzia04 Gallery. Italy
Bird in the Bush. Tribes Gallery. New York
Snakemonkey Gallery. New York
404 Intenational Festival. Postelectronic Art. Trieste, Italy
Burkhart Studios. Chicago
Calypso-Videoteca. Sala Rekalde. Bilbao. Spain
Quimby’s. Chicago
Burkhart Studios. Chicago
Community Arts and Media Project, St Louis. USA
Dixon Place Theatre. New York
Bower Poetry Club. New York
Graficas Desechables. Espacio Abisal. Bilbao. Spain

The New Vision Cinema Series. New York
Artswalk. Hudson, New York
Dixon Theatre, New York
Area Manifattura delle Arti. Bologna. Italy
Galapagos Art Center. Brooklyn, New York
Art for art´s shake. Palazzo Zambeccari. Bologna. Italy

MEM Festival. Bilbao.Spain
Se puede pegar a los matones del cole, pero a una chica jamas. Kultur Leioa. Spain
Gure Artea. Koldo Mitxelena. San Sebastian-Donostia. Spain
Video projection. 3rd Ward Brooklyn. New York
Windows in Main Street. Beacon. New York
Ertibil 06. Muestra Intinerante de Jovenes Artistas Emergentes.Bizkaia. Spain
Galería Jamete. Cuenca. Spain

Galería Catálogo General. Bilbao. Spain

Postales Catódicas – Videocreation. Galería Catálogo General. Bilbao. Spain
Ibilarte 04. Aula de Cultura de la BBK. Bilbao. Spain
XXI Fortuna.. Weekend Gallerie. Berlin. Germany

GetxoArte 2003. Salón de las Artes Emergentes. Aula de Cultura de Getxo. Spain
MEM. Galería Catálogo General. Bilbao. Spain
MEM. Paolo Boselli Gallery. Brussels. Belgium
Videographic Works. La Ressitens. Bilbao. Spain
Ibilarte-03. Aula de Cultura de la BBK. Bilbao. Spain
RECopilation. Gallerie Augenblick-raum für gegenwartskunst. Berlin.Germany
Video en Galibo. Espacio Galibo. Bilbao. Spain

Residentes 2002 . Fundación Bilbao Arte. Bilbao. Spain
Galería Catálogo General. Bilbao. Spain
Fundación Bilbaoarte. Bilbao. Spain
Femenino Plural. Espacio Zuloa. Vitoria.Spain
C.M. Deusto. Bilbao. Spain
C.M. Otxarkoaga. Bilbao. Spain
Cien Artistas. Galería Catálogo General.Bilbao. Spain
Casa de Cultura de Barreinkua. Bilbao. Spain
Palacio Yhön. Bilbao. Spain

Galeria Mordiente. Bilbao. Spain
Setecientos Aniversario de la Villa de Bilbao: “Vacas-Behiak” . Bilbao Council. Spain

Sardeskarte 99 . Bilbao. Spain
Shepperton Arts Center. London

Finalist. International Discovery LOOP Video Award. Barcelona. Spain
Artist in Residence. La Escuelita. Nicaragua

Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Emergency Grant. NYC
Artist in Residence. ISCP, International studio and curatorial program & El Museo de los
Sures. Brooklyn, NYC.
Etxepare, Basque Institute.
Finalist. International Prize Caja de Extremadura 2014. Spain.

New York Foundation for the Arts’ (NYFA) Emergency Relief Fund
Mobility Programme. AC/E. Acción Cultural Española. Spain
Basque Government Visual Arts Grant 2013, Spain
Etxepare, Basque Institute
Finalist. Headlands Center for the Arts Residency, Sausalito, CA.

Etxepare, Basque Institute

Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) Community Arts Regrant Program – NYC
Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
Artist in residence. ISCP, International studio and curatorial program, NYC
Etxepare, Basque Institute.

First Prize. Ertbil 2010. Bizkaia Executive Council. Spain
Artist in Residencie. ISCP, International studio and curatorial program, NYC
Consulate General of Spain in New York Grant. NYC
Basque Government Visual Arts Grant 2010, Spain

Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) Community Arts Regrant Program – NYC
Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
Consulate General of Spain in New York. NYC
Promocion de Cultura 2009. Spanish Ministry of Culture. Spain
Basque Government Visual Arts Grant 2009, Spain

Bizkaia Executive Council Grant for Artistic Creation 2007–2008, Spain
Basque Government Visual Arts Grant 2007, Spain
Consulate General of Spain in New York. NYC

Grant Residency Program at the HVCCA, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New
York, with support from Sala Rekalde Bilbao, Spain
ZINEBI, Bilbao International Short and Documentary Films Festival, Spain
Gure Artea 2006 Prize Finalist. Basque Government

Grant Bizkaia Executive Council Grants for Artistic Creation Support 2005.AudiovisualProject.
ZINEBI,Bilbao International Short and Documentary Films Festival, Spain/ Festival
Internacional de Cortometraje y cine documental de Bilbao/

Grant 2004, Dance Platform. Multimedia Project, Amarauma-Moaré Contemporary Dance Company. Basque Government
ZINEBI, Bilbao International Short and Documentary Films Festival. Spain/ Festival
Internacional de Cortometraje y cine documental de Bilbao/
Iberoamerican VideoArt Prize Selected, MUSAC and la Casa de América. Madrid. Spain
VII Fantastic Short Festival of Sestao. Bizkaia. Spain
FIB-Art´04-International Festival of Benicássim. Spain
19 Audiovisual Festival.Vitoria-Gasteiz. Spain
IV Videominute National Festival of Zaragoza. University of Zaragoza. Spain

Grant for Young Coreoghrapers. Basque Government. Multimedia Project. Video and Dance. Amarauma Contemporary Dance Company

Artist in Residence 2002. BilbaoArte Foundation. Bilbao. Spain

2012 – ongoing.
Cofounder. S2A. Art space collaborative project. NYC

Off the Rope. Video, Animation and Contemporary Dance. In collaboration with the
Elena Demyanenko (Choreographer and Dancer). New Amsterdam Theatre, etc. NYC.
Metroko bateko Amtesak. Mutimedia Project. Video & Animation Director. Premiere at Euskalduna Palace. Bilbao Spain

Love doesn´t make me gentle or kind.
Spoken Word and Audiovisual Performance, with Chavisa Woods (Writer and Performer) New York

Poesía Urbana  (Urban Poetry). Theatre and Audiovisual. Chusma Theatre Company.
Audiovisual Director. Bilbao Theatre and Contemporary Dance Festival.
“Yo También dudaría” (I´ll doubt too). Audiovisual and Theatre. Cocreated and codirected with Juanjo Otero (Theatre Director and Actor)

Gau Bakar Bat. Theatre, Dance and Audiovisual. Amarauma Moaré Dance Company.
Audiovisual Director. Basque Government Dance Plataform Grant 2004.  Pressioa.
La Chusma Teatro . Multimedia project. Kukutza III. Jornadas Escénicas.Bilbao

Aplicar sobre la herida pintura de color mate (Apply on the injury matt color painting). Co-direction and Direction of the Visual And Video. Bilbao City Council . Bilbao .
Hueco (Hollow). Contemporary Dance, Audiovisual & Music. Video and Animation
Dorector. Amarauma Contemporary Dance Company. Young Choreographers Grant

Pieza I (Piece I) Videoanimation and Dance. In collaboration with Rosana de la Fuente (Dancer). Fundación BilbaoArte Artist in Residence Grant. Bilbao


Lecturer. Love, Pedagogically.  NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. NYC
Studio Visit and Visiting artist. MFA Program.  Montclair University. NJ

Presentation.  Storefront for Art and Architecture. NYC
Panelist. Invisible Violence.  MoCAB, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade.
Presentation and Screening.  tranzit/ro. Iasi. Romania

Panelist. The City through the Body.  Parsons the New School for Design. NYC
Guest Lecturer/Critic. School of Art and Design, History and Theory.  Parsons at the New School. NYC

Lecture.  ENPAP, European Network for Public Art Producers.

Lecture.  ISCP. International Studio and Curatorial Program.
Lecture . ARTIUM Museum. Vitoria, Spain

Invited Critic. Parsons MFA Design and Technology Thesis Symposion.  The New School. NYC

Lecture . Departament of New Media Art and Performance . Long Island University. New York
Lecture and Videoscreening.  Art´s for Art Shake. Bologna. Italy.

Lecture and Videoscreening . Westchester Community College. Peekskill. NY
Lecture and Videoscreening.  HVCCA,  Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. New York.

The Perils of Obediencia. Published by Bilbao Council and BAD Festival. Bilbao 2011
At the back, behind the parade. Published by Artium Museum. Vitoria 2011
Welcome to the New Paradise. Published by The Farm, New York 2009
Pink Car Crash. Published by Fly by Night Press, New York, 2009

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