Irini Miga

I believe in the importance of the art as a universal language. In an era where hard-won rights are being eroded, where the fear of the “other” has prompted the advent of censorship, bans and hate speech art depends on our ability to perceive things beyond boundaries. In that way, it becomes a device for thinking about our world in perpetual fluidity, where information can be read in different ways, raising new questions and allowing unexpected discoveries.

I grew up in Greece, a country on the line between the perceived East and West, where the distant past, present and desired future coexist; so seeing things through a prism of constant symbiosis became a norm early on. As an immigrant, female artist living and working in the United States, I find myself at times caught in the dichotomy that is created by opposing values. I find humble, anti-monumental gestures and giving value to the minor and otherwise neglected of immense importance.

In my practice I create constellations of humble gestures that call for close examination. I ascribe value to the neglected, which becomes of great significance. Marks of performative actions and leftover traces become part of my spatial vocabulary, in which the marking of time is revealed. In that way my works function as “moments in time.” For example, in my work Tracing Moments, (2017_ image 03) a handmade ceramic recreation of a matchstick that has lost its use value, stands alone on the wall as a fragile moment. The sun that hits it from the window at different times of the day turns it into a solar clock. The marked shadows indicate the install times of my other pieces in the show and my breaks that day during the install.

I am interested in the way that we navigate and perceive our environments; today and in the past. Thus my work engages with the memory of place from the point of origin to the present. This manifests as reconstructions of sites and objects of personal significance. For example, in the installation A Place From a Different Timeline (2016, image_011 and image_012 ) I tried to recreate my apartment in Athens, Greece by memory, calling upon the limitations and imaginings inherent to the process of reconstruction. A recent installation, Reflections (2018, image_016) at Atlanta Contemporary is a site-responsive work and contemplation on the passage of time. There, I aim to evoke the history of the Chute Space, as a former storage room for coal. The term, reflection refers to both imagery and perception. These themes also evoke Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, where people turn their backs on reality to see the world as its shadows. This installation stages a illusionary space to sensitize viewers to the reality of their built environment and environmental challenges in the contemporary moment.

I am always looking for the things that we discover after our eyes adjust to the subversion of expectations. I am constantly challenging the potential of my materials in order to create a variation of frequencies and movement within physical and mental space. I look at the point where sculpture touches painterly nuances as an unfolding sketchbook of our everyday reality in physical space. To me, the concept, the materials, along with the color that will activate the works and their surroundings are of equal importance. By examining intersections and the transitory moments of perception my performative piece Untitled (2017, image_01) aims to translate a musical score into a visual “landscape.” There I invited a pianist to play from memory the piece “Visionary Landscapes” by the American composer Alan Hovhaness on the wall with his fingers dipped in ink. As if the music could become an image, I created a visualization of the skyline and the soil on the wall.

My practice employs sculpture, performative elements, text and film. I use basic sculptural materials like clay, wood, plaster, found and custom-made objects juxtaposed with everyday ephemera like paper, dust, and metal rods. I am particularly fascinated with clay as a natural malleable material that carries time in its essence and one that connects me with the history of my country.

My references abound: they range from greek archeological excavation sites, construction sites, google photos, personal places, DIY YouTube videos, and literature, in particular the magical realism of Mikhail Bulgakov, Jorge Luis Borges, and Nikos Kazantzakis.

b. in Greece

Lives and works in New York




MFA in Visual Arts, Columbia University, New York, US


BFA, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, GR


Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK




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2018 /17 /14

Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant Nominee, New York


HYAM-Young Mediterranean Artistic Scene Prize, Paris (shortlisted)


The DESTE Prize  (shortlisted)


The Fulbright Grant


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