Giovanna Sundqvist Olmos

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Artist Statement

My practice is a study of how gesture structures a semiotics of the body that reflects the economic and political architecture in which it is produced. Through performance, painting, video, and sculpture, I approach the intersections between body, commodity, and information technologies.

In my digital paintings, I have focused on the manner by which phones and computers render while complicating gesture and notions of how subjectivities manifest through these media. Having its roots in the Brazilian neo-concrete poetry movement Process Poem, my painting practice extends from a writing practice that is interested in the asemic aspects of writing and thus the exchange of information. The tactility of the smartphone as the locus of information communication technology is deconstructed as both material and display for my paintings. The swiping, scrolling, and typing gestures used in messaging, texting, emailing, or browsing are echoed, replicated, and mirrored in this series of work by myself and the viewer. In addition, I explore the commodification of digital work through crowd-sourcing selfies and portraits through Instagram and in my performance series “How to Sell a Digital Painting” that combines aspects of a class, tutorial, demo, and auction while sardonically remarking on the trends of the museums, galleries, companies, and schools in which the performances take place.

Through performance and video, I invert the conditions of a commodity by detourning the bodily association with the object. In my live performances, gesture often blurs the demarcations of spectator and spectacle through imitations of the audience and the performance of mundane actions in public spaces.



Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University, New York, NY, BA


Expensive Poetry, Outlet, Brooklyn, NY
Summer Fling, The Barn Show by Johannes Vogt Gallery, East Hampton, NY
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Copy Paste, Spring Break Art Show Fair, New York, NY Unpainted Fair, Munich, Germany
Manifesta 11, What People Do For Money, Zurich, Switzerland
Affection Realities, One Of Us, Los Angeles
Windoes (Special contribution), The Composing Rooms, Berlin, Germany
Expansion Foam, 67, New York, NY
Brushes, presented by Rhizome and the New Museum for the series First Look: New Art Online Instagram Resident, First Look: New Art Online, hosted by Rhizome and the New Museum, NY Greys in Yellow, Gallery Sensei in collaboration with Happenings Contemporary, New York, NY Milksack Staredown, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
Invisible->visible, AD*DS, Brooklyn, NY
Stone Soup Experiment, The Mess, Brooklyn, NY
Tender Data, BHQFU, New York, NY
Gallatin Arts Festival, Gallatin Galleries, New York, NY
The World of Chibi Cherry, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
Say It With Flowers, Kimberly Klark Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Bye, Felicia, BHQFU, New York, NY
Art Basel Mukwonago, Bahamas Biennale Gallery, Mukwonago, WI
The New Academy, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Gallatin Word Fest, Gallatin Galleries, New York, NY
Beyond Nuclear, Gallery 69, New York, NY
Cloud Makers and Open Tech, MakerLabs, Vancouver, Canada


Untitled, Live Art Strömstad, Stadsparken, Strömstad, Sweden, August
Untitled, Johannes Vogt Gallery, East Hampton, NY, July
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Intra Phenom, Picture Room, New York, NY, March 31
How To Sell A Digital Painting, 286 Grand Street, New York, NY, March
How To Sell A Digital Painting, BHQFU, Brooklyn, NY, March
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Primitive Languages, LMAKgallery, New York, NY, March 13
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Spring Break Art Show Fair, New York, NY, March 1 and 5
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Booklub 10, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, February 18
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, February
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Performance night, 67, New York, NY, February
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Poet Transmit, The Poetry Project, New York, NY, December 18 Sales Liaison with Transfer Gallery, Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL, December
How To Sell a Digital Painting, Booklub 9, Baby’s All Basel, Miami, FL, December
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Living Library, Baby’s Alright, Brooklyn, NY, November
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Letter to Form, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, NY, November How To Sell A Digital Painting, Et.Alia, Sleep Center, New York, NY, October
How To Sell A Digital Painting, Fools Gold Forever, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, NY, October
Tri Lengua, Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY, October
Absent Shape, The Chimney, Brooklyn, NY, September
Triptych Readings, Babycastles, New York, NY, September
Brushes, First Look: New Art Online, presented by Rhizome, New Museum, NY
Sight, Site, Cite, Outlet, Brooklyn, NY, September
OEI poetry area: extension #25 12 x 84+ = ? at After Babel, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, August
The Harmers Benefit Party, Leftfield Bar, New York, NY, August
Not fleshy enough at Technophilia, Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, August
White Columns Summer Party, White Columns, New York, NY, August
Sandy Honig Used To Be An Artist, Annoyance Theatre, Brooklyn, NY, July
The Substitute Show, Over The Eight, Brooklyn, NY, July
Popsickle 6, Soda Bar, Brooklyn, NY, June
89plus Poetry Will Be Made By All! at After Babel, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, June Invisalign, AD*DS, Brooklyn, NY, June
Booklub 8, Auto Body, Long Island, NY, May
Readings, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
A Poetic Act, Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY
Trilengua, Over The Eight, Brooklyn, NY
Booklub 7, David Lewis Gallery, New York, NY
Play Time Is Over!, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
Book Fair Opening Celebration, BHQFU, New York, NY
Re-imagine Now, The Mess, Brooklyn, NY
Booklub 6 with Luck You, New York Art Book Fair & Know-Wave, MoMa PS1, Brooklyn, NY Wahrheit in der Wirheit, Molasses Books, Brooklyn, NY


2016 Digital Art House Residency 2015
Rhizome Instagram Residency


Panelist, Brushes, First Look: New Art Online, presented by Rhizome and the New Museum, NY 89plus Poetry Will Be Made By All!, After Babel, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2015)
Tech Test Kitchen Round Table, 38th Annual NJCEA Conference, Seaton Hall University, NJ


How To Sell A Digital Painting, Fame Factory, Issue #15
Poetry Makes a Brief, Triumphant Stand at Performa, The Creators Project, November 19
“fa”, Confluence, August 31
Giovanna Olmos, Blackmail Reader, August
“Printed Web 3”, Print and Ebook, Spring
Giovanna Olmos, Gemstone Readings, May
“Poetry Is A Very Strange Thing: A Conversation with Augusto de Campos”, Esferas, Issue 4, April
“*****”, Confluence, April 22
“IMGFLIP.COM”, Confluence, April 14
Shower Poem, The Sensation Feelings Journal, January
Giovanna Olmos, Imperial Matters, August
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“Buscando su destino”, El Sol de San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 13
“¿Cuál es tu sueño?”, El Sol de San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 4
Publications As Author
“Gio vanna, gi gio vaNn a”, Zurich: 89plus/LUMA Publications, 2014, Print and Ebook


Gallatin Dean’s Honor Society
Dean’s Award for Summer Research
Gallatin Student Resource Fund Grant
Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award


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First Look: Brushes, Michael Connor,, September 3
Poesi före och efter internet, Kunstkritikk, August 27
Everything Is Everything, Artforum, August 2
Not Fleshy Enough Performance at Faith Holland’s Solo Exhibition at Transfer in Brooklyn, Autre, July 28
Booklub 8 At Autobody Curated By India Menuez, Purple Fashion Magazine, June 9