Gabie Strong

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Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of the affect of degeneration, drone and decay that is experienced from living in the spatial disorganization of the twenty-first century. This disorganization is the result of living in multiple non-places at once—both physical and virtual— where borders are both confining and permeable. I often collaborate with other artists, musicians and poets to create work that embodies the difference of lived experience.

Through experimental sound improvisations at specific locations, I am able to abstractly tease out the emotional impact of these morphological conditions and create new situations which invoke a kind of self-reflexive examination of place. I push the material component of musical instruments through structured, improvised acts that evoke repetition and difference, but without the measured notation of music composition. By doing this I am able to summon the past and present simultaneously by freely exploring the morphological transformation of a site through the most ancient of all arts, music.

My photography and environmental installations are coded experiments with traditional signs and signifiers, to create a differential set of experiences. By placing poetry or abstract animated projections in landscape, I am able to summon a speculative situation for the viewer.